Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster – April Fools Day

By Salma Danuningrat, Writing Tips Editor


As spring rolls around the corner, pranksters and jokesters around the world await their special day – April Fool’s Day. A day where you’ll have to watch every step you take, every door you open – while pranking the people around you. To make this day a little bit more laughable, here is a list of words you’re sure to use on April Fool’s.

Cackle: (verb) To make a shrill, broken noise as of a hen
Though it annoyed most of his group members, he continued to cackle at her joke.

Chortle: (verb) To laugh or chuckle
The whole entire room began to chortle at the comedian.

Chuckle: (verb) To laugh quietly
Their grandparents chuckled at them when she made funny faces at her brother.

Devise: (verb) Plan carefully
The twins started to devise a prank for their sister.

Exasperate: (verb) Irritate or annoy extremely
He hesitated putting the bucket of water on top of the door, for he didn’t want to exasperate anyone with his prank.

Guffaw: (verb) A loud and lively outburst of laughter
She began to guffaw when he tripped on his own foot.

Hilarious: (adjective) Extremely funny and amusing
He had already collected his most hilarious jokes to use on April Fool’s Day.

Hoax: (noun) A practical joke
Though it was funny to watch, his teacher gave him detention for the hoax he did on him.

Jest: (noun) A joke
His jest in school received a roar of laughter from his classmates, and an angry glance from his teacher.

Ludicrous: (adjective) Foolish, laughable and ridiculous
She complained to their mom that her brother’s prank on her was ludicrous.

Prank: (noun) A malicious and mischievous trick
They had a long list of mischievous, sneaky prank ideas in store for their teacher.

Preposterous: (adjective) contrary to common sense, ridiculous
The look on her face clearly told him that she had a preposterous prank in mind.

Shenanigans: (noun) Silly, spirited behavior
His mother was suspicious of his unusual shenanigans.

Spontaneous: (adjective) Unplanned and unrehearsed
It turned out that their spontaneous, one of a kind prank, was indeed successful.

Victorious: (adjective) having won a victory
She was victorious in finally getting to prank her enemy.