Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster: Be Confident

By Sophie Nadel, Writer’s Tips Editor


Sometimes, your dreams and goals may feel very far away. You might be discouraged by a mammoth task before you and even start to give up. However, know that everything you want to achieve is possible with a balance of hard work and confidence. Have faith in yourself and your own abilities, and you will reach your finish line! With a healthy amount of confidence, I guarantee that you will feel empowered to do anything. Here are some words to inspire confidence!

Avid: (adj) very eager
Whenever someone asks, I avidly describe my adorable new puppy. 

Composure: (noun) calmness especially of mind, manner, or appearance
Even when faced with running a marathon, Shannah maintained her composure and stayed calm.

Conviction: (noun) the feeling of being sure that what you believe or say is true
The principal spoke against bullying with such conviction that the entire auditorium was inspired. 

Positivity: (noun) the quality or state of being positive
His positivity during half-time improved the team’s confidence before the second half of the game.

Resolution: (noun) firmness of purpose
My resolution will never allow me to give up on my mission to be cast as the lead in a play!

Surpass: (verb) to be greater, better, or stronger than
Bryce was eager to surpass his limitations and achieve all of his goals.