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Word Booster – Bullies No More

By Salma Danuningrat, Writing Tips Editor


Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever stood up to a bully? Have you ever been the bully? This month at Amazing Kids! Magazine we’re taking a stand to bullies everywhere while also understanding why people bully and the causes behind their actions. So whether you’re the bullied or the bully, the one who stands up or the one in the shadows, here’s a list of words that you might see in this issue:

Bully: (noun) a person who uses strength or power to harm those who are weaker
Their teacher told them that sometimes a bully had reasons for their negative actions

Cease: (verb) To bring to an end
Her campaign to cease bullying at their school gained the admiration of both teachers and students

Harass: (verb) To aggressively disturb and intimidate
The bully would harass the younger children during recess

Intimidate: (verb) To frighten someone and pressure him or her into doing what one wants
His dad told him that one of the ways of bullying was to intimidate someone

Misunderstood: (verb) Fail to understand correctly
Bullies are commonly misunderstood because hard times in their lives are to blame for their actions

Motivate: (verb) Provide one with a reason or motive for doing something
To motivate was to help a friend stand up to a bully

Petrified: (adjective) So terrified to become paralyzed, or like a stone
He was petrified when he was first bullied

Terrorize: (verb) To fill one with terror or extreme fear
The bully no longer terrorized kids because the counselor helped fix his problems and figure out solutions

Valiant: (adjective) Showing courage and determination
She received an award due to her valiant attitude towards bullies and how she stood up to them

Vulnerable: (adjective) Defenseless to physical and emotional harm
His friends realized that the more he was bullied the more vulnerable he felt

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