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Word Booster: Color My World

By Sophie Nadel, Writer’s Tips Editor


The world is full of vibrant colors that make it exciting and gorgeous to observe. However, when writing, sometimes adjectives like “red” and “yellow” are not strong enough to penetrate the monochrome canvas on which you are writing. That being said, I have compiled a rainbow of words for you to use to color in your writing with just the right shades.

Coquelicot: (noun) a shade of red; another name for a corn poppy.
Lucy skipped through the field of brilliant coquelicots.

Fulvous: (adj) of a dull brownish yellow
There is a duck in Southern United States with a beautiful fulvous color.

Citrine: (adj) resembling a citron or lemon especially in color
A citrine canary landed on my windowsill.

Celadon: (noun) a ceramic glaze originated in China that is greenish in color
Caleb’s celadon eyes were as pastel and clear as the china they resembled.

Cerulean: (adj) resembling the blue of the sky
I saw nothing but cerulean as I observed the ocean from our boat.

Fuchsia: (noun) a vivid reddish purple
Carl’s favorite type of grape had a distinct fuchsia hue.

(Definitions from Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)