Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster – Heroes Among Us

By Salma Danuningrat, Writing Tips Editor


You don’t have to have a cape to be a hero. Heroes are simply people who do the right thing. They are kind, courageous, role models – who aren’t afraid to do good. Since we’re celebrating our heroes this month at Amazing Kids!, here is a list of words that are sure to describe a true hero:

Altruistic: (Adjective) Unselfish and devoted to the common good
She was an altruistic president when it came to making decisions.

Audacious: (Adjective) Daring, brave and fearless
The hero in his story was audacious and courageous.

Doughty:  (Adjective) Persistent and courageous
Her brother had always dreamt of becoming a doughty person.

Epic: (Adjective) Heroic, grand
The children stared in awe as she told them about her epic journey around the world.

Gallant: (Adjective) Brave, courageous,
Even though she was scared of heights she made a gallant effort to save her brother.

Leader: (Noun) A person who commands a group or movement
His role model was a leader – a leader who was brave and strong.

Mettlesome: (Adjective) Spirited, courageous
One look at her and she could see the meddlesome look in her eyes.

Noble: (Adjective) Having high personal qualities
They re-elected him for he proved to be a noble minister.

Serene: (Adjective) Calm, composed, tranquil
Under pressure, she was still serene.

Valiant: (Adjective) Showing determination and courage
The siblings were told they got their valiant personality from their mother.