Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster – Moving to the Beat

By Salma Danuningrat, Writing Tips Editor


It’s time to move to the beat! This month, it’s all about dance, music and expressing yourself. Here’s a list that will encourage your inner self to shine.

A Capella: (adverb and adjective) Without instrumental accompaniment
She did an a Capella performance for her audition.

Allegro: (adjective and adverb) A fast and lively tempo
He played his flute with an allegro tempo.

Accelerando: (adverb and adjective) Gradually speeding up
She played the passage accelerando to add excitement.

Capriccio: (noun) A lively, spirited piece of short music
In music class, the teacher played a capriccio that all the students seemed to enjoy.

Gambol: (verb) Running or jumping around playfully
She started to gambol when she heard the good news.

Grandioso: (adjective and adverb) For a musical composition to be played in a grand commanding style
The orchestra played a grandioso piece last night.

Legato: (adverb and adjective) In a smooth, flowing style
The legato composition was perfect for dancing the waltz.

Operetta: (noun) A short musical drama
The local theatre club enjoyed learning about John Strauss’s operettas.

Pirouette: (noun) A movement in ballet, where one spins on one foot, while the other foot touches the knee of the supporting leg
She performed a stunning pirouette at her ballet recital.

Rhythm: (noun) The pattern of pulses in music created by melodic and harmonic beats
The quick rhythm made the whole room stand on their feet and dance.

Ritardando: (adverb and adjective) Gradually slowing down
The ritardando ending complimented the song.

Sway:  (verb) To move slowly from side to side
She was swayed by the evening wind.

Tempo: (noun) The pace of movement or the speed that music is being played at
His piano teacher game him a song with such a fast tempo that he found it  impossible to play.

Vibrato: (noun) A rapid variation of pitch in music
The judge was impressed by his vibrato on the violin.