Amazing Kids! Magazine

Writer’s Tips: Word Booster

By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor

Some of the words I use in my Writer’s Tips column are a bit complicated. I’ve defined the most useful words below.

Rising action (n.) after the introduction of the story, this part of a story helps to lead up to the climax.

Climax (n.) the highest point or the point filled with the most action in the story. This is often when a huge event happens, and often after this part in the story, everything for the main character changes.

Falling action (n.) the part after the climax during which the story begins to wind down.

Conclusion (n.) the part of a story where the conflict in the story comes to a resolution.

Void (n.) a wide, open, and empty area of space

Tightrope (n.) a tightly stretched rope of wire above the ground on which acrobats perform tricks.

Withhold (v.) to hold back

Genre (n.) a kind of literary or artistic work

Structure (n.) the complex organization of something

Exasperated (adj.) frustrated, annoyed