Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster – School Vocabulary

By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor


Encyclopedia (n.) a book containing articles on various topics

The encyclopedia contained articles about animals living in the Pacific Northwest region of America.

Auditorium (n.) a space for the audience in a theater, or a building for public gatherings

The high school had an assembly once a week where everyone went to the auditorium to listen to announcements.

Projector (n.) a machine that projects images onto a screen or wall

The science teacher used a projector to show the class a picture of a dolphin on the wall.

Lavatory (n.) a bathroom

In all schools, there is a girl’s lavatory and a boy’s lavatory.

Refectory (n.) a cafeteria or dining hall.

The college’s refectory had a salad bar and a hot food bar.

Textbook (n.) a book used by students to learn a certain subject

The math textbook contained all the homework problems and formulas that the students needed to do well in math class.

Dictionary (n.) a book containing a majority of the words in a certain language along with their definitions, synonyms, and antonyms

Whenever Claudia came  across a word she didn’t know, she looked it up in the dictionary.

Thesaurus (n.) a book of synonyms and antonyms

Carl was having some trouble finding a good synonym for the verb “walk”, so he looked up synonyms in a thesaurus.

Tape recorder (n.) a machine for recording or playing sound

The French teacher used a tape recorder to record his students speaking French.