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Word Booster: Starry Skies

By Sophie Nadel, Writer’s Tips Editor


Summer has a unique beauty to it and a calmness that allows you to truly relax. Trees are green and vibrant, flowers are in full bloom, and the stars are glowing. Give yourself the opportunity this summer to really appreciate the scenery and reflect on your goals. What have you accomplished this year? What will you accomplish next year? Remind yourself that with hard work, even the most ambitious goals can be achieved. Here are some words to help you reflect and admire the beauty around you!

Desire: (noun) the feeling of wanting something
My greatest desire is to win the World Cup with my team!

Enchanting: (adj) having great charm and attraction
Cinderella wore such an enchanting gown to the ball that everyone’s eyes were on her. 

Pine: (verb)  to long for very much
When he gets really hungry, he pines for some cake.

Serenity: (noun) the quality or state of being calm and peaceful
I set up my chair and enjoyed the serenity of the quiet lake.

Tranquil: (adjective) quiet and peaceful
Liam had always loved how tranquil and calm her town was at the crack of dawn.

Twilight: (noun) the period when day is ending and night is beginning
We will meet by the fountain at twilight, just when it is beginning to get dark.

(Definitions from Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

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