Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster – Thanks is in the Air

By Salma Danuningrat, Writing Tips Editor


Happy November Amazing Kids! As all remaining signs of summer have disappeared and the air grows colder, this month we’re saying thanks to the people we appreciate and love: A whole day dedicated to being thankful. Here is list of words you might hear this Thanksgiving:

Cornbread: (noun) A type of bread made from cornmeal
For Thanksgiving dinner, my grandparents made us homeade cornbread.

Cranberries: (noun) A small, red, acid berry
Cranberries are typically made into a sauce for Thanksgiving dinner.

Feast: (noun) A large meal for many guests
Without his aunt, the Thanksgiving feast was quiet.

Harvest: (noun) The process of gathering crops
She helped her grandfather with the harvest this year.

Patuxet Indians: (noun) A part of the Wampanoag Tribe
The first Thanksgiving feast took place in the village of the Patuxet Indians.

Pilgrim: (noun) A person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons.
In 1641, the Pilgrims and Indians held a peaceful feast together, which was named the first Thanksgiving feast.

Plymouth: (noun) A small town in Massachusetts
The first Thanksgiving dinner was held in a small town called Plymouth in Massachusetts 

Settlers: (noun) A person who settles in an area with little or no previous inhabitants.
Before the English settlers came to America, many Native Americans lived in the area

Sweet potato: (noun) A sweet tropical tuber with pinkish orange flesh
Sweet Potatos are commonly served on Thanksgiving

Wishbone: (noun) A forked bone (the furcula) between the neck and breast of a bird. Some believe when this bone from a cooked bird is broken by two people, the holder of the longer portion is granted a wish.
Breaking this wishbone is an old tradition during Thanksgiving dinners.