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Writer’s Block: How to Defeat the “Block”, Once and for All

By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor

Everyone, from five-year-olds to the world’s most seasoned writers, suffer the occasional, dreaded, “Writer’s Block”. What is this horrible affliction that is a blight on any writer? Any time you’re thinking, I can’t think of what to write! Or, I don’t know what should come next in my story! You’ve got a mild case of Writer’s Block. Writer’s Block is simply when a writer has a “block” in his or her mind that he or she can’t seem to get over. Writer’s Block often causes an interruption in writing, because the writer can’t think of what to write, or can’t think of where to start with his or her writing. Writer’s Block can often be cured with a short break from writing, but if that block just won’t go away, here are some tips to banish the block for good.

Tip 1: Write about something else!

If you’re writing just about anything from an essay to a short story, and can’t think of what to write, write about something completely different for a little while. To beat Writer’s Block, it’s important just to start getting your brain juices flowing, and writing about anything will help get your mind working. Hopefully, after a short break from what you’re supposed to be writing, you’ll be able to return to your initial assignment with fresh, new ideas.

Tip 2: Ask a friend!

Sometimes it’s good to enlist the help of someone else. Tell a friend what you’re trying to write about, and ask him or her for some good ideas to jumpstart your thinking.

Tip 3: Just start writing!

Sometimes, the reason that we get writer’s block is because we’re trying to find the perfect way to write something. Instead of trying to figure out how to say what you’d like to say perfectly on the first try, just start writing. It doesn’t matter if your grammar isn’t perfect, or your paragraphs don’t flow the way you’d like them to. Once you’ve written a certain amount, you can reread what you’ve written and pick out what you liked. From there, you can begin to write a more focused piece of writing.

Tip 4: Read a book!

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to phrase something, and you have a little while to write, try reading a book. Writers are always being influenced by other writers, and you might find just the inspiration you need from a book to continue your writing.

Tip 5: Take a break!

When nothing else seems to work, just try relaxing, and taking a break from whatever you’re doing. Go play outside or do another activity for awhile. Your brain may just need some rest, and doing other activities may recharge your brain and get it ready to start writing again.

I hope that you find these tips helpful! Many of these tactics are ones that I use whenever I start to feel that I’m getting Writer’s Block. When you’ve freed yourself of the block, feel free to send in what you’ve written to Amazing Kids! Magazine! We’d love to read what you’ve written!