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Writer’s Tips: Revision

By: Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor

So, let’s say that you’ve finally finished writing your short story, article, or other piece of writing. Now what? For many famous writers, “finishing” a book, article, or story doesn’t end once they’ve written out everything they’d like to say in its entirety. A very, very important part of writing is the editing process. Every book or published piece of writing has gone through a grueling process known as “editing”. What editing means is rereading what you’ve written, fixing mistakes, making sure that the writing is understandable, and that most importantly, you like what you’ve written. Famous books like Harry Potter undergo months of editing by the author herself, and many other assistant editors. However, for most of us, we don’t have this luxury! Here are some do-it-yourself ways to fix your writing in a snap.


Step One: Read your writing out loud

The easiest way to catch sentences that don’t sound right and other mistakes in your writing is to read it out loud. When we’re writing, we often don’t think of how the words will sound out loud, and we make most mistakes this way. It’s important to read your writing out loud, so you can catch sentence and grammatical errors. You’d be surprised how much better your writing will be after you read and correct the errors you spot reading it aloud!


Step Two: Scrutinize your writing!

As writers, it’s important to be critical of our own writing. Some of my own best writing comes when I carefully read every word and sentence, seeing if I can change words or sentences to make my writing better. When you think you’ve finished writing, take a pen, and read it to yourself. As you are reading, ask yourself questions like, “Does this word work best within the sentence?” And, “Could this sentence be made better?” By looking carefully at our own writing, we can often give it the special touch it needs to take writing from good to great!


Step Three: Ask a parent or friend

When you think you’ve finished steps one or two and you feel as though your writing is the best that you can personally make it, ask a parent or friend to read your writing. Often, having other people read our writing is the best way for us to examine our writing from a new perspective. Having someone else read our writing may also give us ideas on how to further improve our writing by giving us a new perspective on what we’ve written. Listen carefully to what your parent or friend has to say; you never know when they might give you a great idea!

Once you’ve finished the revision process, you are well on your way to making a final, polished piece of writing!