Amazing Kids! Magazine

Writing for a Change

By Salma Danuningrat, Writing Tips Editor


Writers are powerful. We have the power to build worlds, create imaginary people, places and things. We can transport people with black printed words on paper. But what if we could use our writing to inspire? Writing is a great way to raise awareness of the social problems and issues you’re passionate about. Whether you’re looking to stop discrimination in your community or raising awareness about environmental problems, here are some ways to write for a change:

Write poems – Poetry is a great way to spread awareness of things in a short, creative and eye catching way. Write a poem about your problem of choice – how can you persuade others to support this cause? When you’re finished, display your work in a public place where people can take notice. Tired of bullying? Write anti-bullying haikus and hang them up around your school. Want to educate others about poverty? Post your poems around your city where it’s allowed. These are just two of the many examples of using poems to benefit a cause.

Create a blog – Blogging is a great and easy way to voice your opinion on the Internet. A blog is like an online journal – you can write stories, opinions or simply your thoughts for anyone to read. In recent years, blogging has become a popular way of publishing your ideas because it is available to such a large audience. There are a number of websites that allow you to create a blog for free, such as Weebly, Blogger and WordPress.

Put your writing out there – Your writing can’t make a difference if you don’t share it! There are many ways to put your writing out there, both online and offline: Write a speech and present it at school, use social media to publish your work, etc. Think of new, creative ways to share your writing with others.

Writers and activists have one major thing in common – inspiring others. Yes, sharing your writing with other people can be scary, but what’s important to remember is for every one of those people who read your work, you have inspired another person to do something great. Because of your writing, someone is taking notice of the problems that matter. Because of your writing, someone is looking to change the world with their words just like you.