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Writing in a Winter Wonderland

By Sophie Nadel, Writer’s Tips Editor


There are few better times to write than when curled up cozily inside your house as snow decorates the world beyond your window. Luckily, it is around that time of the year! Holiday season is an excellent time to practice your writing, especially with all of that extra time you have off from school; the cheerfulness in the air makes for an inspiring writing environment. Unfortunately, although you may want to write, you might be plagued with writer’s block. Thus, I have prepared an extensive list of prompts to keep you writing through the winter!

One Sentence Starters

One sentence starters are sentence-long prompts that become the starting point for your story. Feel free to edit the prompts as you see fit. For example, if a prompt is written in the first person but you want to write in a third-person perspective, you would exchange the “I”s with your character’s name or pronouns. Choose a prompt to use in the first line of your next writing project if you are experiencing writer’s block:

The snow was falling so hard, I thought that it might never stop.

When I opened my eyes on the morning of July 1st, the last thing I expected to see out of my window was a layer of snow on my backyard.

Waiting for the school bus one morning in the frigid cold, I heard the quiet grunting of an animal somewhere behind me.

This morning, I discovered with horror that ice had frozen shut all of the doors in my house!

Although this is the season of giving, I have no money to buy gifts for my friends.

Imagine Prompts

Imagine you are sitting at your writing desk, notebook open and pen in hand, but you can’t think of anything to write. What do you do? Well, for starters, you can try to use one of these imagine prompts to challenge yourself to write a story from a new perspective. The use of the second person (you) in these written prompts allow you to put yourself in a new character’s shoes; the character in each situation does not actually have to be you! Here are a few imagine prompts to help you write!

Imagine it is your first year lighting the candles for your holiday. Are you nervous to handle the flames?

Imagine you are trying to bake a cake or pastries for the holidays, but you keep making mistakes!

Imagine you are Santa Claus trying to decide whether a certain child belongs on the “naughty” or “nice” list.

Hopefully, at least one of these prompts will resonate with you and inspire a magnificent story! Challenge your friends to write with you and see how different your stories can become, even when using the same source prompt. Good luck, and happy holidays!