Amazing Kids! Magazine


by Amber Sarene, Age 4

Amber Sarene is 4 yrs old and has been painting on paper and in coloring books with watercolors for the past year. When she asked her parents for some “real paint”, they purchased her some new brushes and some crayola washable poster paints. She experimented that day with her coloring book. Then the next day in about 20 mins, she painted this beautiful painting.

She calls it “The Storm”. She said she painted a big storm that was coming towards the city and swallowed it up. She says there are no people in the painting because she didn’t see any because it was a BAD storm. You can see where the clouds are on the painting and where she painted the big waves from the storm. She used different colors to show how bad it was while covering the city.

Be inspired to see the world like this 4-year-old.  Who knows what beauty you may see!