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Amazing Kid! of the Month – April 2011 – Blake Colvin

By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer


Quote of the month

“It doesn’t matter how young you are. You can still make a difference. Even if it is just a simple idea like selling one dollar cupcakes.”

“I love being able to do something fun and something that I love and then be able to give to others through that.”

-Blake Colvin, 16 year old founder of Cupcakes for Cancer.


Blake Colvin, April Amazing Kid! of the Month

In eight short years Blake Colvin has turned her life around. Once a victim of a life threatening illness, 16 year old Blake now has her cupcake business dedicated to raising money for cancer. Whether you are looking to make a difference, start your own company, or just really like eating cupcakes, Blake’s story is perfect for you. We couldn’t be any more pleased to announce Blake Colvin as our April Amazing Kid! of the Month.

“Children making a sweet difference, one crumb at a time”

In the fall of 2007, when Blake was only 13 years old she created her own non-profit organization, Cupcakes for Cancer. Her business was inspired by a fellow classmate, Kevin, who was battling with Leukemia.


Blake (far right) and the rest of the cupcake crew surrounding Kevin


Blake came up with a plan to bake and sell cupcakes and then donate the profits to her classmate’s family. In only six weeks, Blake had raised $5,000! From that moment Blake wanted to keep making a difference. To date, Blake has raised $65,000. “My goal is to have raised $100,000 by the time I graduate high school,” Blake says.


Cupcake crew on their first day of sales back in 8th grade


Blake is an inspiration. Not only is she raising money for a terrific cause, but she has also turned a struggle in her life into a way to give back. When Blake was 8 years old she was diagnosed with a rare illness where she was treated with chemotherapy for two and a half years. “Everything happens for a reason, and I believe that I got ill so that I could have the passion to give back and start ‘Cupcakes for Cancer’ and help others,” Blake says.

Now healthy, Blake remains very active in school and other activities. “I play varsity golf, track, and cross country! In my free time I like to bake, cook and eat,” she adds. Blake’s dream is to have her own baking show on Food Network someday where she bakes just desserts.


Future Goals

Blake has her eyes set on one sweet future. “One future plan I have is to continue to spread the word of Cupcakes For Cancer,” she says. To help the cause, Blake has a national outreach called “Frosting Hope across America.” Anyone can start their own “Cupcakes for Cancer” in their own town and become a “cupcake angel.” Those who become a “cupcake angel” receive a cupcake starter kit with cupcake for cancer aprons and “how to” tips for perfecting the cupcake. The proceeds that the cupcake angels make are sent to national cancer research center CureSearch.


Cupcake Camp

Blake’s desire to help others doesn’t stop there! “We also have an upcoming annual event called Cupcake Camp in Santa Barbara,” she explains. The Cupcake camp features bakers of all types showcasing their skills to raise money.

“The concept for cupcake Camp originated in San Francisco and promotes a true spirit of community and sharing,” Stephanie Colvin, Blake’s mother, explains. “The most essential feature of a Cupcake Camp is that it brings together people to share their love of cupcakes!”

The first Cupcake Camp Blake had was in Santa Barbara. It raised $10,000 for Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation in only three hours! This year will be the second annual Cupcake Camp in Santa Barbara.


Donating $5000 to The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara




Awards Blake has won

  • 2008 Spirit Award from the Santa Barbara Board of Education
  • The Chris Greisius Society of Joy Award 2009 from the Make a Wish Foundation of America
  • The Soroptimist International of Santa Barbara- Violet Richardson Award 2010 at both the local and regional levels
  • Honored with the Ally Katzz Philanthropic Award at UCLA
  • Selected as a Local Hero in Santa Barbara, CA
  • Cupcakes for Cancer and Blake Colvin were on the Nate Berkus Show


Blake on the Nate Berkus Show in New York!




Become part of the cupcake dream or read more about Cupcakes for Cancer Here: