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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Ahdis Beruk – June 2015

Written by Catherine Cheng, AKOM Writer
Ahdis Beruk, 14-year-old Pageant Winner and Radio Show Host


Quote of the Month

“Preparing for a pageant is preparing for life.”
– Ahdis Beruk, 14-year-old Pageant Winner and Radio Show Host

June Amazing Kid! of the Month

The lights are dimmed, the crowds are cheering, and all you can hear is the beating of your heart as you walk onto stage. You tap the microphone gently to make sure it’s working – it is – but when you start to speak, you realize you cannot…

Many of us have been in some sort of situation where we find ourselves shaking in fear at the thought of exposing ourselves in front of others. We don’t like being the center of attention, we don’t like public speaking, and we certainly don’t enjoy preforming for an audience.

“We’re still kids,” we say, “of course we get a little stage fright”.

The real prize is when we overcome our insecurities and learn to embrace ourselves. Ahdis Beruk, a 14-year old pageant winner and radio show host, shows all of us just how rewarding being comfortable in our own skin is. Her story is one that inspires, touches, and speaks to everyone questioning who they really are.

Ahdis was crowned Miss Riverland’s Outstanding Teen this year. She’ll compete in Miss Mississippi Outstanding Teen Pageant next!

Ahdis was crowned Miss Riverland’s Outstanding Teen this year. She’ll compete in Miss Mississippi Outstanding Teen Pageant next!

Spreading Wings

If you tune into WDSV 91.9 FM, you might just catch Ahdis as she hosts her radio show “Tell Me About Yourself”. Her confidence travels through the air and her enthusiasm is sure to captivate you. For her, radio is her way to express her opinions and her love for talking. Ever since she got invited to do her first radio interview, she knew radio was for her. Now, she has her own program through which she provides a platform for not only herself, but other amazing kids like her.

On Fridays, for example, she hosts a program called “Teen Talk.” During Teen Talk, youth come to the station and share their opinions about the happenings of the world around them. The topics Ahdis and them discuss are endless, ranging from boys and relationships to black history. As Ahdis puts it, “we give youth a chance to get out there and express their opinions…because we want our teens knowledgeable and involved.”

Ahdis at her recording studio where she passionately speaks to her listeners.

Ahdis at her recording studio where she passionately speaks to her listeners.

One memorable interview Ahdis conducted was of Mrs. Julie Bogue, director of the Angel’s Pageant. The Angel’s Pageant is a pageant that focuses on special needs children and showing them that everyone should be and can be showcased on stage. For Ahdis, this interview was especially overwhelming as she had once gotten into a car accident that might have categorized her as a special needs child. The interview inspires those listening by reminding them that everyone is beautiful in their own way if they spread their wings and fly.

On Stage and Off

On stage, Ahdis is a confident, poised, and beautiful pageant contestant. Currently she holds the titles of Miss Tupelo’s Outstanding Teen of 2014, Miss Riverland’s Outstanding Teen of 2015, and Miss Coleman Middle School of 2014-15.

Pageantry may seem daunting to many, but Ahdis claims that the benefits are well worth it. Pageants have taught her interview skills, professionalism, and expression. To her, pageantry is less about the makeup and the clothes than it is about speaking your opinions and finding out who you truly are. While not everyone can participate in pageants, everyone can feel good, have courage, and prepare for life.

Off stage, Ahdis furthers her platform of “encouraging youth volunteerism” by engaging in her community through various acts of service. In fact, she recently won the Hunger Grant through GenerationOn, a nationwide group that promotes volunteerism. She plans to use the $500 dollar grant she won to give back by hosting an event called “Spring into Healthy Habits.” At the event she’ll be speaking to middle school children about world hunger, healthy eating habits, and giving back.

Keeping Dreams Alive

Also important to Ahdis is the nurturing of her dreams.

When she gets older, she would like to become an actress. Ever since she was a young girl, she found herself in love with the arts. Over the years, that love has scarcely faded and if anything, now burns stronger than ever.

She reminds us all not to lose touch with our dreams through her care to develop her passions through extracurricular activities. In her spare time she participates in tap dance festivals, camps, dance competitions, and Miss Amber Thompson’s Dance Company. At the same time, she’s also performs in theatrical acts at the Delta Center Stage where she hones her acting skills.

Ahdis as the Mouse in "Shrek the Musical."

Ahdis as the Mouse in “Shrek the Musical.”

Being True is Most Important

It’s easy to sometimes believe we are not amazing enough, but as Ahdis shows us, we are perfect just the way we are. Life can be extremely similar to beauty pageants, and we should all aim to  remember that being ourselves and being comfortable is most important. As we grow, we must hold on tight to our dreams, nurture our passions, and experience life as it comes. Do not be afraid to open yourself, the entire world is waiting with open arms.

In the end, Ahdis teaches us an important lesson: believe.

Believe in the world, believe in yourself, and believe in giving back. If we never give ourselves a chance, we’ll never be able to speak into the microphone in front of us. So today, believe, stay true, and speak into that microphone.


  1. Terefe Beruk /

    Thank you Catherine, Alyse and the AKOM staff for a beautiful article on Ahdis. Marge, I appreciate you directing me to the Amazing Kids Magazine web site!!

    • You are welcome, Terefe! We are glad you found us! 🙂 We invite you and your friends and family to nominate other “amazing kids” you know at any time for our Amazing Kids! of the Month feature on our website: Thanks for your appreciation and support! Together, we can inspire a whole new generation of achievers! 🙂

  2. Brenda Rascoe /

    Outstanding words of encouragement! Go Ahdis I love it!

  3. Djuana Beruk /

    Oh my,oh my,oh my, I am brought to tears. Your writing truly captures my child. Thank you.

    • Hi Djuana! I’m so glad you enjoyed our story highlighting your amazing daughter Ahdis! It is a true honor and delight to feature the amazing accomplishments of kids like her.

      And thank you for being an “Amazing Parent.” As we like to say, behind every amazing kid is an amazing, caring adult who took them under their wing and said: “I believe in you.” 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!

      – Alyse Rome, Founder and President, Amazing Kids!