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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Alexandra Chang – February 2017

By Victoria Feng, AKOM and Assistant Editor
Alexandra Chang, 17-year-old founder of The Zeitgeist


Quote of the Month

“Always be a champion of others.  There’s no better feeling.”
-Alexandra Chang, 17-year-old founder of The Zeitgeist

February Amazing Kid! of the Month

February is frosty and cold and is a time of the year where we can all appreciate the warmth of happiness and compassion. It is also the month when Valentine’s Day is celebrated, a holiday focused on sharing kindness with others. Schools may host parties focused on Valentine’s Day and ask students to give valentines to one another. These parties are a great reminder of spreading joy to one another. Even if your class doesn’t participate in the parties, you can do a kind deed to others that makes their Valentine’s Day.

Alexandra Chang is the founder of the lifestyle brand The Zeitgeist. She has been named as one of TigerBeat’s 19 under 19 for her work as an entrepreneur. The Zeitgeist not only sells chic T-shirts but has content about fashion, food, lifestyle, and more.

Keep reading to find out more about Alexandra and her business!

Alexandra poses for a picture.

Alexandra poses for a picture.

Inspired by the World Around Her

Since she was very young, Alexandra Chang has been inspired by many people who have been in her life. She credits her mother and grandmother to be two prominent examples. Alexandra’s grandmother attended Radcliffe, which used to be the female counterpart of Harvard University.  At that time, Harvard only admitted male students. Alexandra also says that her grandmother was the second class of women at Harvard Law School. Her mother is the author of the novel Legally Blonde, which has been turned into a movie. Alexandra’s mother’s and grandmother’s successes have taught her that women and girls are able to follow their dreams while pursuing their passions.

Alexandra also says women like Iris Apfel (fashion icon and interior designer), Emma Watson (actress), Shreyl Sandberg (COO of Facebook), and Victoria Beckham (singer and fashion designer) have inspired her and are people whom she looks up to.

However, Alexandra says she finds inspiration in a lot of different people and places, not just her role models. They frequently appear in Alexandra’s designs. She pays attention to what’s trendy and keeps that in mind when designing her shirts.

Creating Shirts with a Story

Each of Alexandra’s shirts has a saying on it, and they are frequently focused on helping those in need.

“The Emma Tee” was created by Alexandra when she wanted to help those girls who are less fortunate than her. A portion of the profits earned from this shirt goes to Girl Up, a United Nations organization that focuses on girls’ rights. Alexandra especially likes this organization as it is on a mission to empower women and girls, with a particular focus on education. She was inspired to create this shirt after realizing that many girls are in need of educational, employment, and economic opportunities. “The Emma Tee” is also named after Alexandra’s role model Emma Watson, who is an activist for women’s rights and gender equality.

Another one of Alexandra’s shirts is “The Ken Tee,” a shirt created specifically for younger kids.  It showcases her passion for helping animals. “The Ken Tee” says, “Adopt Don’t Shop,” which Alexandra strongly believes in, and she has adopted five dogs from the Peninsula Humane Society. The Peninsula Humane Society is a nonprofit dedicated to providing a safe haven for at-risk animals. Fifty percent of the profits from “The Ken Tee” will be donated to the Peninsula Humane Society. In addition to raising money for the Peninsula Humane Society, Alexandra volunteers for the organization.

This past holiday season, Alexandra was busy working on two new shirts for The Zeitgeist. They both say, “You Are Gifted” with “#SantaCan” on the back of the shirt. According to Alexandra, all of the profits from the shirts will be donated to Children’s Action Network, which helps children find adoptive families. SantaCan is a campaign which focuses on giving kids who are in need gifts.

All of these shirts are not only a beautiful fashion statement but benefit those struggling—whether it is individuals or the society itself.

Another one of Alexandra’s shirts is “The Tina Tee” named after Alexandra’s favorite comedian, Tina Fey.

Another one of Alexandra’s shirts is “The Tina Tee” named after Alexandra’s favorite comedian, Tina Fey.

A Creative Career and Spreading Kindness

Alexandra hopes to learn more about film, English, media, and journalism in college and to explore the entertainment industry once she graduates. Some possible careers she envisions herself doing are screenwriter or director. Alexandra says anything creative would be a possible opportunity for her.

As for The Zeitgeist, Alexandra wants to expand the company and create more products than T-shirts.

She advises aspiring entrepreneurs to be inspired by those around them and ask for help when needed. Alexandra emphasizes the importance of asking questions and reaching out to fellow entrepreneurs. She also says to overcome the fear of the beginning and actually launch your business—which used to be her biggest challenge.

During this February, Amazing Kids advises that our readers pursue what they are passionate about like Alexandra and show compassion towards others. You can volunteer like Alexandra has done or choose to help in your own creative way. Regardless of the method you choose, aim to warm someone’s heart by going out of your way to show a little extra kindness.

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