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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Alyssa Carson – September 2018

By Victoria Feng, Editor-in-Chief
Alyssa Carson, 17-year-old aspiring astronaut


Quote of the Month

“You know start talking about your dreams or your goals- you never really know what opportunities are going to come.”
-Alyssa Carson, 17-year-old aspiring astronaut

September Amazing Kid! of the Month

By September, most everyone has started school.  Every day at school is a possibility to learn new things, and get inspired by fresh ideas you’ve thought about before.  What you learn at school is essential to your future, whether you plan to pursue a higher education or get started with a new job.  And almost every school year, the inevitable question rolls around: what do you want to when you grow up?   Perhaps you’ve already given lots of thought to this question, or are still imagining the possibilities.  Either way, your teachers can help guide you towards finding your dream career or helping you get the resources you need to be able to pursue it.

Ever since she was little, Alyssa Carson has always dreamed of becoming an astronaut.  Now at seventeen years old, she is already widely predicted to become one of the first people to go to Mars in a few decades.

Read on to find out more about Alyssa and her work!

Shooting for the Stars

Ever since she was three years old, Alyssa has been focused on becoming an astronaut.  She was watching childhood favorite cartoon The Backyardigans, where five friends go on adventures right in their own background, with their imagination the only limit.  During one such episode, the Backyardigans go on a mission into space.  After watching the episode, Alyssa was immediately intrigued and began asking her dad questions about space.  However, he didn’t know much so together they searched for resources to help fuel Alyssa’s dream.

Alyssa regards the opportunity to meet astronaut Sandra Magnus as one of her biggest inspirations.  She asked Mrs. Magnus what inspired her to become an astronaut, and Mrs. Magnus told her that she also decided to become an astronaut at an early age.  For Alyssa, this was inspiration in letting her believe that she could do anything, even at a young age.

Training to Become an Astronaut

Through a citizen science program called Project PoSSUM, Alyssa has already received some training she needs in order to become an astronaut.  She has certified to do orbital flight and taken a variety of courses that prepare for what she might expect as an astronaut, such as space training decompression training, and essential science courses like space physiology.  Her focus on taking such courses have led her to have already received dozens of college credits before she actually attends one.

And the opportunity to work with NASA had already been an inspiration.  She has participated actively in a variety of NASA space programs and camp around the world, including being the first person to complete the NASA passport program, which is a program aimed at encouraging people to visit NASA visitor centers all across the United States.  She has participated in NASA sponsored events such as speaking on a panel about the future missions of tomorrow.  Due to her hard work and persistence, Alyssa was given the official call sign Blueberry.

Paving the Road to Success

Alyssa regards her greatest accomplishment as being certified for suborbital flight.  This certification and the training behind it will prepare her, should she someday go to Mars.  She says, “I’m really proud of myself for all the things I’ve done to get there.”  While her ultimate goal is to get to Mars, her father and her have also talked about going to space beforehand and possibly becoming the youngest person to do so.

She regularly gives out speeches and interviews encouraging other kids to follow their dreams and passions as well.  Alyssa tells kids to always hold onto their dream and start looking at opportunities, even on a local basis.  Some of the greatest inspirations could come from your idols, such as Alyssa’s meeting with Astronaut Sandra Magnus.

Alyssa ends the interview with a simple statement, “We are the Mars Generation and everyone follow your dreams.”  Shoot for the stars; you never know where your dreams may take you.

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