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Amazing Kid! of the Month – August 2011 – Cameron Manor

Cameron Manor, Role Model


Quotes of the Month

“Cultivate your passions and share them with others.”

“I want to unlock the secrets of the universe, and run where no one else has traveled.”

-Cameron Manor, 12 year old Amazing Young Role Model


Meet Cameron Manor

While only 12 years old, it seems like Cameron Manor has done it all! She is the Butterfly Caretaker at the Environmental Nature Center (ENC) in Newport Beach, creates fun educational videos about science, makes and delivers free cupcakes to the elderly, and a story she wrote was published in Stone Soup, an international kids’ magazine! Through all of her hard work she was even named a Discovery Girl’s role model!

Cameron is doing such a wonderful job in making a positive difference in the world that we are honored to name her as our next Amazing Kid! of the month. If you are looking for a way to get more involved in your community, Cameron’s story is just perfect for you!

Amazing young role model!


Raising butterflies

Cameron first started raising butterflies when her mother let her get her own butterfly growing kit. After mailing in for the butterflies, Cameron received five black caterpillars. “They were as tiny as silvers of thread,” said Cameron.

A painted lady butterfly Cameron raised.

One of Cameron’s favorite parts about raising her butterflies was decorating the bottom of the cage with flower petals and freshly sliced oranges so the butterflies could eat. For anyone wanting to attract their own butterflies, you can attract butterflies by planting “herbs, flowers, and trees such as milkweed, dogbane, cow parsnip, fennel, dill, cottonwood, wild cherry, willow, maple, alder, birch, gooseberry, currant, wild rhododendron, cabbage, mustard, nasturtium, thistle and pearly everlasting. Each flower and plant attracts its own butterfly, so your garden is a recipe for color,” Cameron relates.

Over the last six months Cameron has hatched over seventy butterflies. Her love and experience with nature helped her become the new butterfly caretaker at the Environmental Nature Center (ENC). Right now since the butterfly house is under construction Cameron has been mostly weeding and ridding the place of wasp eggs. She has also been growing milkweed in a separate greenhouse so butterflies don’t have to compete with ants to get nectar.

Cameron with her butterflies.

“I look forward to the day the new cocoons arrive, so then there will be butterflies once again in the house,” Cameron said excitedly. “I am also looking forward to leading tours in the butterfly house, to teaching young children how they can be butterfly protectors and growers.”


A Love for Science

Not only does Cameron have a love for nature, but she also has a love of science. And the coolest thing is that she is using her knowledge of science to make fun educational videos for others. Cameron’s first science video was made for a contest on Discovery Kids. “Because of my interest in science, my first video was about interesting facts about germs,” Cameron explained.

Her next film will be about the lifecycle of a butterfly. “Although I have filmed my butterflies before, this will be my first educational butterfly video.”

At the end of the day, Cameron’s goal is to help others. “I hope that by making important but boring subjects like this fun, kids will remember to wash their hands and sneeze into their elbows,” said Cameron. “In the meantime, I’m having a blast learning science and shooting films.”


Cam’s Caring Cakes

Even with her busy schedule, Cameron makes time to continue giving back to the community by creating and delivering free cupcakes to the elderly. Her business cards state, “If you are in need of either a bake or cupcakes…I’m here for you.”

Cameron’s favorite part about her charitable business is seeing her customer’s face when she walks through the door with her cupcakes. “You can tell they feel forgotten, for nobody comes to visit them,” Cameron said. “It takes so little to lift their hearts.”

Cameron delivering fresh cupcakes!

Her favorite cupcakes to make are a modified recipe she made that came from a famous San Juan Capistrano chef’s chocolate cake. “It has a few unexpected ingredients in it.”


Discovery Girl’s Top Twelve Role Models

A mixture of Cameron’s service projects, blogs, films, crafts, personality and continent-wide vote helped her get named one of Discovery Girl’s top twelve role models! “Discovery Girls is a preteen magazine that chooses 12 girls in a different state every month to write the content for and be featured in the magazine’s photo shoots,” Cameron explained.

As part of the experience she got to fly out to San Francisco for a photo shoot.  “Flying to San Francisco and meeting the eleven other Discovery Girls was the best part of being chosen,” Cameron said. “Since all of us were from different parts of the continent, everyone had the most wonderful stories. I still e-mail my new friends.”

While Cameron was named a role model she still looks up to others. She says her sister is her role model, “for showing me that hard work is the key to excellence.” For Cameron, a good role model also shows humility even after achieving many accomplishments. “Humility and greatness is a rare and wonderful combination.”


Cameron’s Interests and Talents

One of Cameron’s favorite things to do is to write. “Anything can happen as I create worlds out of ink and paper. Her writing even made it into an international children’s magazine! Cameron’s story about her and her sister was featured in Stone Soup Magazine.

The cover of Stone Soup Magazine, featuring Cameron’s story.

When Cameron grows older she would like to be both a children’s author and a butterfly farmer. The two goals seem to go hand in hand! “I can write my books lying under the sun, my back on the soft green grass as my butterfly friends flit around me,” she explained. Cameron also sees a future in science. “I love how in science there is always a new mystery to figure out, a new idea to invent, and something to discover.”

Cameron also plays tennis, collects porcelain frogs and grows her own butterfly farm. Through all of her interests, Cameron is using them to make a difference by sharing her talents and giving back to the community. “I think the secret of life is to find something that you are good at and run with it,” she said. “Also, it’s important to give back to others by sharing your passions, because when you know that your life makes a difference to other people, you are less likely to be foolish with it.”

From raising butterflies and writing, to baking cupcakes for the elderly, Cameron sure knows how to make a difference in the lives of others! We are so proud of everything Cameron has achieved and we can’t wait to see what is in store for her future!

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  1. Congratulations, Cameron, on all of your truly amazing accomplishments! Amazing Kids! is proud to feature you, such a great role model for your peers, as our August Amazing Kid! of the Month!

    Keep up the great work!


    Ms. Rome 🙂