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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Bobby Batson and Evan Brinkman – March 2016

By Catherine Cheng, AKOM Writer
Bobby Batson, 7-year-old Child Star of 90 Minutes in Heaven
Evan Brinkman, 13-year-old Child Star of TRAINWRECK


Quote of the Month

“You should always work hard and never give up. If things don’t work out like you plan, keep trying.”
– Bobby Batson, 7-year-old Child Star of 90 Minutes in Heaven

“Just enjoy your life and be grateful for every day.”
– Evan Brinkman, 13-year-old Child Star of TRAINWRECK

March Amazing Kid! of the Month

March is the start of spring, full of hope, growth, and new beginnings. As warmer weather rushes in and flowers start to bloom, spring reminds us that the greatest things can have the smallest beginnings. Saplings will one day be giant oak trees and seeds will one day give birth to flower seas. Amazing Kids! encourages you to be unafraid to chase after seemingly unachievable goals. Take life one step at a time and never stop believing that you can.

Bobby Batson and Evan Brinkman are two kids with stories that remind us that dreams are reachable if you are willing to put in the effort to achieve them. Despite tender ages, Bobby and Evan have already starred in major films. The path they took to get there wasn’t easy, but it was certainly worth it. Read on to find out more about their stories and how they’ve used the rewards of attaining their dreams to give back to their communities.

Bobby Batson (left) and Evan Brinkman (right) smile during their respective film premieres.

Bobby Batson (left) and Evan Brinkman (right) smile during their respective film premieres.

To Be or Not To Be

Most of us have dreamed of the limelight at least once in our lives, but for most of us, what starts as a dream, ends as a dream. We aren’t quite sure how to achieve the role we’d like on screen and so the thought passes by. Bobby and Evan’s journey’s tell us that you achieve the acting dream through hard work and passion.

Bobby was inspired by his siblings to try acting and he fell in love with the activity at his very first audition. Though he was only five-years-old when filming his first major commercial, he didn’t complain and did his best to play his role – a boy meeting and giving a cookie to Santa Claus. Despite filming past his bedtime, he remembers the event fondly, noting how early he realized acting was what he loved to do.

Evan notes how much acting was a dream. He was only six when he first invested time in the activity. He started his career by participating in a summer youth workshop at a local community theater. After hard work honing his craft, he was able to land the lead role in the theater camp’s production of Rumpelstiltskin the following year. After that performance, Evan knew he wanted to be an actor. He claims that acting allows him to be more assertive and adventurous.

Evan’s first star role was in the independent feature film, Doctor Bello. It was there that he realized the hardships behind filming. He had to sit through four hours of special effects makeup every day and he was astonished by the number of crew members it took to film a movie. However, for both Evan and Bobby, the hard work is justified by the joy they experience in acting.

When Bobby acted in the recently released 90 Minutes in Heaven, he loved meeting new friends. For him, the best part of the experience was being able to interact with everyone and generate the sense of community. As for Evan, he loved being able to improv his scenes and test out his acting skills in the recent comedy TRAINWRECK. Both describe acting with evident happiness and passion.

Evan smiles and takes pictures with his fellow actors while on the set for TRAINWRECK.

Evan smiles and takes pictures with his fellow actors while on the set for TRAINWRECK.

Circling Back to Home

Perhaps more impressive is Bobby and Evan’s determination to do good in their world. Both have strong visions and have taken steps to help strengthen and improve their communities. Their screen time, acting fame, and success in auditions have not erased the importance of giving back in their hearts. Instead, their acting careers have only reinforced their efforts to focus on the ideal of service.

Bobby is a huge supporter of the non-profit organization Carpathia Paws. This organization focuses on saving the animals in the community and helping homeless animals find homes after they have been vetted. Even though Bobby isn’t old enough to volunteer at the shelter, he donates proceeds from his acting jobs to the organization. He plans to always help others whenever possible. In his words, “The more roles I book, the more I can help cats and dogs.”

Bobby demonstrates how much he loves animals as he poses with both a cat and dog. 

Bobby demonstrates how much he loves animals as he poses with both a cat and dog.

Evan also supports an organization focused on protection of animals – the Safe Animal Shelter – but he has a more personal involvement in the Half the Sky Foundation and the Holt International Children’s Services. Both of his sisters are adopted Chinese orphans and he is very thankful to have both of them and wants to help all children have a safe and loving home. Half the Sky Foundation, which is now known as One Sky, helps children feel loved and prevents them from being forgotten. Holt International Children’s Services is the adoption agency Evan’s parents used to adopt his sisters. It helps orphaned children find permanent and loving homes. Through supporting these organizations, he demonstrates his gratitude for his sisters and his determination to help other children.

Evan and Bobby’s involvement in non-profit organizations teaches us two simple lessons. One: it is never too early to give back to your community and help make the world a better place. Two: regardless of what you do, there will always be a way for you to contribute to the world around you, you just have to be willing to find it and remain humbly committed.

The Big Picture

In the end, regardless if you’re acting on the big screen or watching the film from the audience, step back and take in the bigger picture of things. Life is short, you don’t have much time to hesitate. Love life as it comes and learn to take risks and work hard.

But the picture isn’t complete if you only enjoy a single activity. Explore, explore, and explore. As the skies shine and the days warm up, go outside, breathe the air, and embrace new passions. You never know if you love something until you try. Both Bobby and Evan enjoy other activities besides acting. Bobby loves playing sports and plays football, basketball, and baseball while Evan plays the acoustic guitar and enjoys golf and cross country running. Life is so much more than singular passions.

At the same time, we encourage you to see the world as bigger than yourself. Change your perspective and remember those around you and the picture suddenly becomes so much larger.

Lastly, consider Evan’s words: “Don’t give up on your dreams.” Never give up. Never lose hope. Remember, the tallest tree started out as a thin sapling.