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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Campbell Remess – November 2018

By Victoria Feng, Editor-in-Chief
Campbell Remess, 14-year-old founder of Project 365


Quote of the Month

“If you are always kind you’ll help to change the world by instantly changing the world of people around you.”
-Campbell Remess, 14-year-old founder of Project 365

November Amazing Kid! of the Month

November marks the beginning of the holiday season, and for Americans, Thanksgiving.  During November, we should reflect on all the things we have been grateful for this year.  However, not everyone has had the same amount of privileges, and it is even more important that we make their holiday season one to remember.  So while celebrating Thanksgiving and other holidays this season, remember to think of those in need and see which ways you can contribute.

Campbell “Bumble” Remess, the founder of Project 365 is determined to help those in need- year round.  He creates personalized teddy bears for those in need, and has changed the lives of kids and adults from around the world.

A Bear a Day

When Campbell started out, his goal was the make a bear a day, and he named his project “Project 365” for each day of the year.  At first, he had wanted to buy bears to donate to children at the hospital during Christmas, but his parents were concerned about the cost.  So, Campbell took up the challenge and started creating his own bears.  The bears become a treasured companion during difficult times, and are something to cuddle with.

Now, Campbell spends every minute of his free time making bears or organizing fundraising events to help improve others’ lives.  In his own words, “it never takes very much to make a big difference.”

Campbell’s teddy bears have touched many of his recipients in special ways, and they have shared with him how much his bears have affected them.  One girl named Ailish, who received the Bumble Bee bear, described the bear as “a little guardian angel to me.”  Other recipients have echoed her sentiments, saying they cried when they received the bear and how it “brought a massive smile to my face”, for example.

Supporting Important Causes

Not only does Campbell make bears, but he has a variety of fundraising events to help further causes he supports.  At one such gala last year, Campbell made a bear on-stage and auctioned it off for $5,000.  The night raised more than $26,000- for the Love Your Sister charity.  He hopes to expand the amount and locations of fundraising events he hosts.

This upcoming February, Campbell will go on a kindness cruise in Antarctica called the Polar Plunge.  Donors will be able to choose whether Campbell will jump into the ice freezing water or not.  The side that raises the most money will be what he will do.  The goal of the event is to fundraise for cancer research.  Stopping cancer is a cause that is near and dear to Campbell heart, with his dad having beat cancer multiple times.

Additionally, people can choose to sponsor a book or just donate at Campbell’s website,

Spreading Kindness around the World

Campbell’s message of love and kindness has spread around the world, and he has spoken to schools about how people can make a difference.  Project 365’s Facebook page has amassed over 26,271 followers and is a platform for people worldwide to spread positivity.

Campbell has a lot of different interests such as film and laboratory work, but whatever path he chooses, he will continue to follow his heart.  Amazing Kids! Magazine wishes Campbell the best of luck as he continues to help people around the world through his acts of kindness!