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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Capri Everitt – December 2015

Written by Catherine Cheng, AKOM Writer
Capri Everitt, 11-year-old Singer


Quote of the Month

“Never give up no matter what. Life is short. Live life to the fullest and try to make a difference.”
– Capri Everitt, 11-year-old Singer

August Amazing Kid! of the Month

The smell of winter and the grace of holidays are in the air with the arrival of December. No matter which events you celebrate, the winter months are times of giving and service. Embrace this holiday season with arms wide open and heart ready to love and empathize. Amazing Kids! encourages you to spend this December chasing after your dreams, making a difference, and giving back to your community in the spirit of winter.

Capri Everitt is off to a good start with her journey around the world. After being inspired by the book The World Needs Your Kid, Capri decided to use her voice to change the world. She’ll be traveling to eighty different countries and performing their national anthems in hopes of raising money for orphaned children. Her trip is a passionate one and imbued with global spirits.

Keep reading to find out more about Capri’s journey and the story behind it!

Capri Everitt smiles brightly for the camera, confident and poised.

Capri Everitt smiles brightly for the camera, confident and poised.

A Lovely Voice

Capri started singing and playing the piano when she was five. She still remembers her first performance and the buzz she experienced as she sung “Castle on a Cloud” at Vancouver Community College. She knew then that she found an activity she genuinely loved.

Today she continues to sing and play piano, practicing piano for an hour each day. For Capri, piano practice is especially fun when she sings at the same time. Her dedication and passion is reflected in her musical success. Just last summer, she played Fiona in “Shrek the Musical” at Vancouver’s Stanley Park. She also recently placed second in “American Protégé,” an international music competition.

Capri plays piano and sings, smiling happily as she does what she loves most.

Capri plays piano and sings, smiling happily as she does what she loves most.

Amazing Kids! is most impressed by how Capri is using her passion to make a difference. After reading The World Needs Your Kid by Craig and Marc Kielburger and Shelley Page, Capri decided she wanted to use the talent she had to help orphans around the world. Finding a way to use an activity you love to give back to the community is a great way to tie passion and service together.

Journey to Eighty

Capri decided to support SOS Children’s Villages, an organization that builds villages for orphaned and abandoned children. This charity appeals to her because it provides disadvantaged children with everything they need to survive: food, water, and even caretakers. By choosing this organization, Capri connects with children around the world and helps contribute to a cause directly impacting those her age.

In order to raise money for SOS Children’s Villages, Capri and her family will travel to eighty different countries. In each country, Capri will sing the country’s national anthem in its national language. She chose this approach over singing famous pop songs in hopes of appealing to local children and encouraging them to join her in singing. The international tones behind her message are inspiring.

Of course, her determination to sing in different languages also increases the difficulty of her journey, but Capri is ready for the challenge. She has already started learning various national anthems and is excited to perform them. Each language has its own intricacies and some national anthems are extraordinary difficult, but with the help of various instructors, Capri is making progress. There is little doubt that her determination will ensure her success.

The support of her family members is another essential part of Capri’s strength. With her brother Bowen blogging her journey and her mother and father sorting out travel logistics, her whole family has become invested in the project. The spirit of support within Capri’s family enriches her journey with further meaning.

Capri poses with Bowen, her brother who will blog their global journey.

Capri poses with Bowen, her brother who will blog their global journey.

Capri’s goal on her journey is to raise one million dollars, but it’s about more than just the money. She hopes that her trip will become a story that inspires and we are sure it will.

One World

Many lessons can be gleaned from Capri’s story, but we’d like to wrap up with a focus on just one: internationalism. Our world is so much bigger than our eyes can see. As Capri teaches us, it is important to consider not just our immediate communities, but our global one. As individuals of one single species, we must support one another and aim for the creation of a loving world. Though we may be divided by location, ethnicity, nationality, and language, we can all learn to embrace difference. Capri will sing the national anthems of eighty countries, showing us just how possible it is to transcend borders.

We encourage you to consider the different communities you are a part of. What role do you play? How do you contribute? Find your place in this world and discover ways you can make a difference. The smallest act can change the world, so never feel too small to act. You are strong and you are passionate. Live life with spirit.

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  1. Egan Zhang /

    Such an inspiring child Capri is! Congrats to her on finishing her trip and won the Genius Awards.