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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Chandler Kinney – June 2016

By Catherine Cheng, AKOM Writer
Chandler Kinney, 15-year-old Amazon Prime Star


Quote of the Month

“Lastly, it just feels good to help people who need it! If I am capable of making a positive difference on any scale, why not?”
– Chandler Kinney, 15-year-old Amazon Prime Star

June Amazing Kid! of the Month

For most of us, June is the start of a brilliant, slightly hot and sunny adventure. Swimming pools are opening and amusement parks are becoming crowded. With school letting out and summer in full swing, it’s time to grab some friends and enjoy everything the world has to offer. This June, Amazing Kids! encourages you to treasure your friends and embrace the small pockets of happiness in life. Remember to always have fun no matter how busy or stressed you are. Fun will make every day a whole lot brighter.

Chandler Kinney loves what she does and focuses on the friends she makes and the fun she has while giving back. Best known for her breakout role on Amazon Prime Family’s “Gortimer Gibbons Life on Normal Street,” Chandler has a passion for acting, dancing, taekwondo, and most importantly, helping other kids.

Keep reading to find out more about Chandler Kinney and her dreams!

Chandler Kinney poses in a stylish top and skirt.

Chandler Kinney poses in a stylish top and skirt.

Acting and Appreciation

When Chandler was nine, she landed a number of dancing roles in “Twist,” a musical based on the story of Oliver Twist. After training, she performed about 50 shows over the course of three months. She returned home inspired by the talented people she had worked with and appreciative of the brilliant experience. It was like a feedback loop, the more she acted, the more she enjoyed it.

One time she was filmed for a commercial for Jif’s new chocolate hazelnut spread. She remembers her scenes fondly and light-heartedly. On the day of filming, she turned down the “spit bucket” in favor of indulging on chocolate all day – mmm! Despite having a small stomachache by the end of the day, she found it completely worth it. For Chandler, enjoying the experience is everything as it helps keep her nerves down and prevents her passion from turning into pressure.

Before landing her role on “Gortimer Gibbons Life on Normal Street,” Chandler was a guest star on several shows including CW’s 90210, FX’s American Horror Story, and Nickelodeon’s Haunted Hathaways. Her favorite was Disney’s “Girl Meets World,” though. She was a fan of the show even before appearing on it and loved the opportunity to get to interact with the cast. Experiences like these made her appreciate how amazing it was to even be considered for acting roles.

But what impressed us most about Chandler were her comments regarding “Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street.” What struck her as really special about the show was how it told the story of the magic of childhood. In her words, the show shows “the good, the bad, the awkward phases, and the beauty of friendship through it all.”

In the end, Chandler’s own appreciation for her experiences as an actress really parallels her sentence. She is appreciative of friendships, connections, and everyone coming together and is always ready to have fun and work hard.

Friends Off Film

Chandler is also invested in activities outside of acting. For example, she enjoys dancing and losing herself in movements and music. One time, she performed at the Youth America Grand Prix with an injured neck. Even though beforehand she was in a lot of pain, when she was executing her solo, she forgot about her injury and gave herself to the beat. Even though being a part of both the Debbie Allen Dance Company and the Los Angeles Ballet Academy is a big commitment, Chandler never complains because she’s made so many great friendships through the teams.

Chandler Kinney stands with a fixed look of determination in her eyes.

Chandler Kinney stands with a fixed look of determination in her eyes.

Taekwondo is an activity Chandler enjoys for similar reasons. She claims that the sport teaches “the importance of respect, loyalty, perseverance, responsibility, discipline, and humility” and emphasizes how she’s made some amazing friends through the program. Even though becoming a black belt was difficult, especially with her tough schedule, the rewards made her efforts worthwhile.

Chandler’s love for life and respect for friendships also motivates her to give back to the community. With her mother’s help, Chandler makes no-sew fleece blankets to donate to charities sponsoring kids in need. For her, it’s a way to make a positive difference. In fact, since she enjoys the process of making and donating blankets so much, Chandler started Chandler’s Friends, an organization that sends blankets to foster children.

Chandler does a lot of great things, however, one of her activities really enchanted us. Through Compassion International, a nonprofit child sponsorship organization dedicated to ending child poverty, Chandler sponsors a girl in Ethiopia. She loves being a part of the program since she is doing her part to help connect children with love, education, and healthcare. We especially love the fact that Chandler has been pen pals with the girl she is sponsoring for two years now. She’s amazed by how much her world view has expanded due their communications regarding culture and Ethiopia. This encounter truly captures what it means to cross boundaries and create positive change.

Childhood Miracles

Chandler’s story tells us how important it is to treasure friendships and appreciate life’s moments. By letting life, others, and her experiences inspire her, Chandler has taken vital steps towards achieving her goal of being a top actress. We wish her all the luck in the world, but she doesn’t need it because she is already inspiring, entertaining, and breaking boundaries.

As we are growing up, it’s important to keep a tight hold on our dreams and motivations. Part of the magic of childhood is our endless ability to believe in ourselves and others. We also know everything there is to know about having fun and enjoying ourselves. With June days, keep your inner child at heart and appreciate the moments you will encounter. There is meaning in everything, even though you might not see it now. Just remember, dreams are the seeds of miracles.