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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Elayna Hasty – May 2019

By Victoria Feng, Editor-in-Chief
Elayna Hasty, 17-year-old founder of G.A.B. Girls


Quote of the Month

“I want every girl to know that they not only have a support system but they have the ability to lead, encourage, and most importantly, empower others to make a positive difference in their community and our world.”
-Elayna Hasty, 17-year-old founder of G.A.B. Girls

May Amazing Kid! of the Month

For many students, May marks the end of school year.  It is important that we finish these final few weeks off great.  And that starts with making sure everyone at school is able to have a happy and relaxing final few weeks of school.  However, when a student is being bullied, they are no longer able to have fun at school.

After being a victim of bullying herself and seeing her friend go through a traumatic experience after being bullied, Elayna decided at only nine years old that she was going to start G.A.B. Girls to fight against bullying.  Instead, Elayna advocates for girls to be self-confident and help other girls instead of putting them down.

Read on to find out more about Elayna and G.A.B. Girls!

Creating a Positive Platform

Elayna’s three general workshops are “The Princess within Me,” “Free to Be Uniquely Me,”, and “Stand Up Speak Out.”  The workshops offer content that is suitable to kids and teens of all ages, with the overreaching theme of positivity.  “Stand Up Speak Out” is specifically about combatting bullying, and is for both boys and girls.  While G.A.B. Girls usually focuses on helping girls, bullying is an important issue that isn’t limited to just girls.

Elayna regularly spreads her messages of positivity.  Through working with Girl Scout groups on projects such as her “I AM” boards and Kindness Rocks, Elayna has used a variety of platforms to spread her message of anti-bullying and positivity among girls.

For all her hard work, Elayna received the Kids Are Heroes award, which she regards as one of her greatest accomplishments.  But an even greater feeling that receiving an award is being able to feel like you have been able to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Continuing Her Work

While Elayna has reached many with her online website and videos, she hopes to expand her influence by bringing G.A.B. Girls to schools.  Already, she has done numerous projects such as hosting over 75 workshops for kids.  Through her work, Elayna hopes that there will be more kindness in the world and less hateful judgement.

When Elayna isn’t busy working on G.A.B. Girls, she competes in beauty pageants.  She hopes to be Miss. Indiana’s Outstanding Teen and eventually Miss. America’s Outstanding Teen.

This month, think of all the ways you can bring a little more kindness into others’ lives.  When you see someone being bullied, support them or tell a teacher.  If someone’s alone, try to be friends with them.