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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Emma Stumpf – September 2017

By Victoria Feng, Assistant Editor and AKOM Editor
Emma Stumpf, 15-year-old Founder of Emma’s Art Carts


Quote of the Month

“Anyone, no matter your circumstances or age, can make a difference to a community or a person.”
-Emma Stumpf, 15-year-old Founder of Emma’s Art Carts

September Amazing Kid! of the Month

September is the beginning of fall, a transition from the last remnants of summer to crisp days and falling leaves. It’s a season of harvest, of commemorating what you’ve done in the past couple of months and moving towards new great things. September is not only for celebrating your achievements but for turning your triumphs into helping someone else triumph, too.

Emma Stumpf turned a negative situation into a way to help others. It started with her diagnosis of brain cancer, followed by visits to the hospital. There, Emma found art as a therapy for her pain. Together, with her art teacher Lisa Durst, they created Emma’s Art Carts.

Read on to learn more about Emma and Emma’s Art Carts!

Turning Struggles into Success

When Emma Stumpf was diagnosed with a brain tumor (which she has dubbed, “Herman”) at the young age of seven, it meant countless days and nights at the hospital spent with surgery, chromo therapy, and more.

Her art teacher Lisa Durst was key in supporting Emma through her struggles and helping her discover art. With art, Emma found an outlet to the pain, and as she describes it, “I could use colors to paint my feelings or clay to squeeze and make things with when angry.” The effect of art spoke louder than words. However, art therapy was not always available.

So, they started Emma’s Art Carts, a nonprofit organization that provides “art carts,” or kits filled with art supplies designed to cheer Emma’s fellow patients up. They can be delivered straight to a hospital room. Now, their organization has expanded from giving art carts to not only Emma’s hospital but to many more.

Winning Against Cancer

She won the 2017 Jefferson Award for her work and dedication. NBA basketball team Indiana Pacers and Second Lady Karen Pence have both supported Emma’s Art Carts. However, Emma still regards her greatest achievement as having fought cancer for already eight years and still conquering it.

But for Emma, the fight’s not over: Her goal is to work at a children’s hospital when she grows up and ensure that all patients at children’s hospitals are able to have access to art carts. The demand for her art carts is high, though, as Emma noted her biggest challenge currently is supplying enough art carts to hospitals. Her biggest dream is that everyone will be healthy, and especially cancer-free.

All art kits are made possible through donations. To keep up with the demand, Emma’s Art Cart is currently accepting donations of both art kits and money on her LEAD360 page.

We wish Emma the best on her fight against cancer and encourage her to continue to stay strong!