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Amazing Kid! of the Month – January 2009 – Alexa Dectis

Each month, we showcase kids who are accomplishing amazing things. We hope that by telling their special stories, we will inspire other kids to accomplish their own amazing achievements.

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Amazing Kids! Is proud to highlight the Amazing Kids! Of the Month!

Each month, we showcase kids who are accomplishing amazing things. We hope that by telling their special stories, we will inspire other kids to accomplish their own amazing achievements.

Amazing Kid! of the Month for January, 2009:
Amazing Young Singer and MDA Ambassador, Alexa Dectis; Allentown, Pennsylvania

Amazing Young Singer and MDA Ambassador,
15 year old Alexa Dectis

Quotes of the Month:

  • “If I can sit here in this chair and have my own CD and be on TV, and do all these things, imagine what you are capable of. Your time is not as limited as that of other people, so go discover your purpose in life and fulfill your potential.” –Alexa Dectis, Age 15, Amazing Young Singer and MDA Spokesperson

Our January 2009 Amazing Kid! of the Month:

Happy New Year 2009 from Amazing Kids!

For our first Amazing Kids! of the Month story for the New Year, we are proud to feature a story about amazing Alexa Dectis, age 15. At the age of 14 months, Alexa was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II (SMA2). As you’ll read below, SMA hasn’t diminished Alexa’s enthusiasm for life and achieving her many amazing accomplishments. Instead, she is determined to teach others, especially those who like Alexa, face personal challenges, just how much we can achieve by focusing on our abilities, not our “disabilities!”

Not only has this industrious and inspiring young lady been the Pennsylvania State Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association for 4 terms, she is also a talented singer and actress. She has recorded her own music CD which will debut this March and has acted on TV and has appeared in numerous print ads.

Read on to learn more about Alexa and see what a positive “can do!” attitude and a whole lot of determination can do for you too!

From all of us at Amazing Kids!, we hope you have a truly amazing year ahead as you work, like Alexa, towards fulfilling your own amazing potential!

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Meet Alexa – Amazing Muscular Dystrophy Association Ambassador

Amazing Alexa Dectis, age 15

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a genetic disease in which loss of nerve cells in the spinal cord called motor neurons affects the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement. Resulting muscle weakness is most severe in muscles closest to the center of the body, such as those of the shoulders, hips, thighs and upper back. SMA is one of the neuromuscular diseases that falls under the umbrella of diseases for which the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) supports research.

Alexa Dectis of Allentown, Pennsylvania was diagnosed with SMA Type II (SMA2) when she was 14 months old. At first, hearing this news was devastating for her parents, Peter and Julie, as they realized that their daughter would never be able to walk. But as amazing Alexa grew older, her parents realized that her resilience and determination to fight the odds were much stronger than the debilitating affect of her condition.

Alexa and her parents began volunteering for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) since she was just two years old. She became the MDA State Ambassador for Pennsylvania when she was four and she has just agreed to once again be the Pennsylvania State Ambassador for 2009 as well.

This will be her fourth term as the MDA Pennsylvania State Ambassador and she is as excited as ever to have the honor of serving in such an important position for the association:

“Raising awareness will ultimately find a cure for neuromuscular diseases. This cure will get me out of my wheelchair and all those other kids out of their chairs,” she remarks.

Amazing Singer, Actress and Humanitarian

Alexa with her Amazing Mentor and vocal coach Cari Cole

Alexa’s biggest passion is her music. She has written some original songs with her vocal coach Cari Cole. Says Alexa:

“My biggest mentor and role model is my vocal coach and songwriting partner, Cari Cole. She radiates love and light, something that I strongly admire,” she notes. “Cari is so incredibly successful and yet remains so humble. I want to be just like that. I never want to allow the success or fame to go to my head,” she adds.

Amazing Alexa performing at the Ride for life benefit

Alex enjoys performing at charity events such as the MDA Black and Blue Ball each year, where has she received enthusiastic support and standing ovations from the attendees, and the MDA Harley-Davidson Ride for Life.

Alexa Dectis, age 15, posing backstage with the Jonas Brothers

Amazing Alexa has an incredibly positive attitude that seems to rub off on all those she meets. She believes that it is the purpose of her life to inspire others through her acting and singing, and she thanks God for giving her an opportunity to do that.

She has recorded five songs and each of her songs has a lot of depth and meaning in it:

“I am using my music to raise awareness for MDA. My CD comes out in March and I am donating a portion of proceeds towards research,” she explains.

In addition to her CD, Alexa enjoys acting and has made national commercials and done a variety of advertising print work. She made her soap opera debut last January, 2008, in the CBS soap Guiding Light.

Despite a busy extra curricular schedule, Alexa hasn’t neglected her academics, however. Initially home-schooled, she now attends a private school and is a straight A student.

Alexa’s Dreams for Her Amazing Future

Alexa has many plans for her amazing future. Apart from pursuing her music and acting, she wants to raise awareness about Muscular Dystrophy. One of her biggest goals is to be on Oprah one day:

“By being on Oprah Winfrey’s show, I can reach millions of people in just one hour. It has been my biggest goal since I was five. The thought of reaching all of those people is overwhelming and would by far be the greatest gift I could ask for,” she says.

She also hopes to win a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award. “If kids vote for me, despite the fact that I am in a wheelchair, it means they have accepted me even though I am different. If all those kids accept me, it hopefully means that they have accepted everybody else who is different,” she says explaining the significance of such an award.

“I would love to help orphans one day. So many children in the world are orphans, which means they have nobody to love them. I cannot imagine what that would feel like. Love is the most powerful feeling in the world. I want to help create a movement in which no child has to feel hollow and without love,”  she says.

Alexa’s advice for other kids: “It is so important for kids to understand each other and how lucky they are to have time to accomplish things on earth,” she says emphatically.

We at Amazing Kids! feel so fortunate to know amazing kids like Alexa, and we sincerely hope her story will inspire many other kids and adults alike to discover their own unique gifts, and to use those gifts to accomplish their own amazing achievements!

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