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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Jaylen Arnold – October 2018

By Victoria Feng, Editor-in-Chief


“Always realize how unique and beautiful you are – NO WORDS could ever take away your value :)”
-Jaylen Arnold, 18-year-old founder of Jaylen’s Challenge

October Amazing Kid! of the Month

For many, October marks the beginning of the holiday season.  People start carving pumpkins, putting out fall decorations, and getting dressed up for the highlight of the month- Halloween.  However, even during the holiday season, some hardships don’t fade, including depression, anxiety, and dealing with bullying.

Jaylen Arnold is committed to making the world a safer, hopefully bully-free environment.  He reaches out to and provides support for those who are dealing with bullies, and even helps people who are struggling with depression.  Jaylen’s goal is to shed awareness on bullying and teach people how to prevent and stop it.

Turning Struggles into Success

Jaylen Arnold was bullied and mocked in 2nd grade for having involuntary tics, or movements, due to his Tourette’s syndrome.  These everyday torments became so serious that Jaylen actually started to become stressed and hurt himself during his tics, resulting in him having to go to the hospital.

Starting in 3rd grade, Jaylen has actively been working towards creating an environment where kids do not have to endure the hardships that he had to endure.  Jaylen’s Challenge helps educate kids about the importance of establishing no-bullying in schools.

Inspiring the Community

Jaylen toured around the country a few years ago to spread the message of non-bullying.  He traveled to schools, using creative ways to show the horrible effects of bullying and how to create a positive, inclusive school community.  During this time, the Ellen Show recognized him and donated to his organization.  Jaylen’s Challenge also offers a variety of resources, such as books and posters that get kids even more pumped up for the fight against bullying.

Not only does Jaylen advocate against bullying, but he provides a support system to those who are currently struggling with mental health issues and may be victims of bullying themselves.  To date, he and his team have been able to stop 64 suicides and are always open to help those in need.

“You’re NEVER too young or weak to stand up for others. Even if it just means speaking up in a situation where someone is being victimized, or going and telling a needed adult… it can impact someone else’s life in a huge, positive way,” Jaylen advises kids who are being bullied.

A Global Effort

Jaylen’s Challenge has worked hard to raise awareness through a multimedia of platforms, including posters, workbooks, and certificates.  They have bracelets saying “Bullying No Way!” which are passed out to every student that attends Jaylen’s assemblies and are available for purchase for the public.  Hollywood stars such Leonardo DiCaprio and Donnie Wahlberg have worn Jaylen’s bracelets in support of his initiative.

As for the future, Jaylen hopes to go to college and be able to pursue his love of broadcasting, film, and drama.  He is also interested in becoming a dentist.

However, he will continue to focus on his goal of helping the world and providing support to every kid that needs help.  Amazing Kids! wishes Jaylen the best of luck in his efforts!