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Amazing Kid! of the Month – July 2011 – Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson, Amazing Young Geologist and Inspirer


Quotes of the month

“Identify what you are passionate about and share those passions with children.”

“Geodes are a metaphor for people—we may sometimes look like plain grey rocks on the outside, but on the inside, there are gems to mine.”

-Colin Johnson, Amazing Young Geologist and Inspirer


Colin Johnson, Amazing Kid! of the Month

Colin Johnson, 17, has been inspired by geology for ten years. Now he is using his love of geology to inspire other kids. By sharing his knowledge of geology and geodes with young underprivileged students, Colin is helping other children learn the importance of geology and learning!

Amazing Kids! Magazine could not be any prouder to name Colin as our Amazing Kid! of the Month. If you have a passion for geology, have a love of learning, or want to inspire others to learn, Colin’s story is just right for you!

Colin Johnson, Amazing Young Geologist and Inspirer


All About Geodes

Colin started geode hunting when he was only seven years old. Geodes are rock cavities with internal crystal formations. “When a volcano erupts, the bubbling lava hardens, occasionally leaving hollow cavities for treasures to collect,” Colin explains. “Over millions of years, mineral-rich groundwater seeps through these hollow cavities, depositing a thin iridescent film of crystal.” As layers build up the rock turns into the sparkling geodes.


A geode

“The magical thing about geodes is that when you finally crack one open, you are releasing air that could have been a dinosaur’s last breath,” says Colin. “Geode hunting has taught me to look beyond the surface for beauty, to find entertainment in nature instead of television, and the pleasure that comes from trying and failing, and trying again.”


Hunt for Knowledge

Out of his own love of geodes and his love of inspiring and helping others, Colin started the project Hunt for Knowledge, where he gets other kids excited about geology and learning by sharing his love of geodes.

As part of Hunt for Knowledge, Colin gave a presentation to 34 fourth graders on the wonders of geodes at a high poverty school where 90% of students qualify for free lunches. He then planted geodes around the schools play yard and took the kids on their own geode hunt.

Going on a geode hunt!

For Colin, the most exciting part about teaching other children about geodes was “the way their eyes light up when they see someone taking an interest in them, and the way their books fly open for the first time because they want to learn, not because they have to.”

After Colin’s presentation the students made such significant leaps in learning that Colin was invited back to give his presentation to another fourth grade class!

Colin at Topaz Elemntary, a Title 1 School, where he taught the children about geodes.


Giving Back to Other’s

As Colin has shown us, just by sharing our passions with others we can open the door for learning. Even taking a few hours to talk to others can make a huge impact on their lives! “If people were aware how little they have to do in order to inspire kids, I feel they would be more willing to help,” Colin says.

The most important thing is staying true to yourself and doing what you really care about. “Too many kids schlep to the same school club service projects because they have to, not because they have a heart for the cause,” says Colin. “If your school doesn’t have a club you’re passionate about, found your own.”


Colin’s other talents!

Colin’s passion for geology and sharing it with others is just the start of all his talents! Not only does Colin do crew, surfing, skimboarding, and skateboarding, but he is also a phenomenal writer. Three years ago Colin was honored at Carnegie Hall by Scholastics Inc. for his short stories and poems. He was published twice in the Los Angeles Times, published twice by McGraw Hill’s Tennessee TCAP/S 2008 Operational test, published in McGraw-Hill’s Glencoe’s Backpack Reader, Grade 8, Book 2, and published a featured story and audio story in the international children’s magazine Stone Soup.

With such diverse interests, Colin’s has a bright future ahead of him. His goals are to continue “to inspire children to find and pursue their passions and believe in themselves.”  We cannot wait to see what Colin does next!