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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Mari Copeny – August 2019

By Victoria Feng, Editor-in-Chief
Mari Copeny, 12-year-old activist


Quote of the Month

“You are capable of changing the world right now.”
-Mari Copeny, 12-year-old activist

August Amazing Kid! of the Month

August is back-to-school season for most students, which brings an arrival of new ideas and activities.  This school year, it could be a time for you to start new extracurriculars and classes, trying things you never thought about trying before.  With August brings an opportunity to

Mari Copeny recognized an issue within her community, the lack of clean water in her hometown, Flint, and reached out to President Obama for help.  He responded after reading Mari’s letter by visiting her hometown of Flint.  Mari has been dubbed “Little Miss Flint” for her advocacy of Flint residents during the water crisis.

Read on to find out more about Mari and her advocacy!

The Flint Water Crisis

The Flint water crisis first began at 2014, and it hit residents such as Mari hard.  As she was visiting Washington D.C. for a congressional hearing on the Flint water crisis, Mari was inspired to write a letter to President Obama.  Even though she knew there was a small chance of him writing back, she was wanted to write a letter on behalf of the struggles of Flint kids.

President Obama read Mari’s letter and visited Flint to help raise awareness for the Flint water crisis.  To date, Mari has been able to donate millions of bottles of water to Flint residents.  Being able to raise awareness for her community is what Mari regards as her greatest accomplishment.  This journey, however, has not come without challenges.  Because she was young, Mari found herself not being able to be taken seriously by others.

Helping the Community

Mari’s work goes beyond just advocating to restore clean water to Flint.  She is also active in participating in an organization called Pack Your Back, which she has raised over $500,000 for.  Pack Your Back donates school supplies, toys, and bikes for kids.  Currently, Mari is accepting donations for back-to-school uniforms for those in need.

For kids in Flint specifically, Mari created a book program to help encourage good habits of reading.

Dreaming Towards the Future

Even though she is only twelve years old, Mari has big dreams.  She aspires to be President of the United States one day.  Mari also told Amazing Kids that she hopes to get a full scholarship to a college by the time she reaches 8th grade.

Here at Amazing Kids, we encourage all of our readers to dream big.  Share with us some of your big goals!