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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Mariah Bailey – September 2014

Mariah Bailey, 12-year-old Inspiring Trendsetter
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer


Quote of the Month

“Sometimes people are starving for more than food. Sometimes they a starving for love.”
-Mariah Bailey, 12-year-old Inspiring Trendsetter

Amazing Kid! of the Month

You don’t have to be a comic book approved superhero to save the lives of others. Sometimes all it takes is a sprinkle of inspiration to set out on a course to make a difference.  For 12-year-old Mariah Bailey, her spark was watching her father make a difference in the lives of the homeless. Now, Mariah has her own organization, Trending Change, which aims to care for the homeless by showing them that they are loved.

While Mariah is an inspiration for all the lives she has been touching, she is an even bigger inspiration for us! Amazing Kids is beyond thrilled to announce Mariah as September’s Amazing Kid! of the Month. Keep reading to find out more about Mariah’s story and how you too can make a difference!

Trending Change

Mariah Bailey’s vision to make a difference started with her dad and his organization, Sidewalk Angels, Inc. Mariah’s dad would go out on the streets anonymously to help the homeless in her community, and sometimes Mariah would go out with him. “After being with him on so many occasions, I started to get to know the people that he helped,” Mariah said. “I started to learn about who they were as people and started building a friendship with them.”

While Mariah’s dad liked to do his good deeds anonymously, Mariah thought that she would like to start something similar that was better known to raise even more awareness. After years of making a difference, Trending Change was officially launched in October 2013 through her dad’s organization.

What do you trend for? Mariah trends for change!

How does a 12-year-old start her organization? Well, for Mariah, she gave up everything she would have received for Christmas and used the money to start Trending Change. Now Mariah has helped countless numbers of people feel loved and comforted through her organization. Congrats Mariah! Keep up the excellent work!

Spreading Cheer and Love

Over the last year, Mariah has done a few campaigns, raising over $1,100. Her big goal for last December was to provide blessing bags for hundreds of homeless people in Myrtle Beach. Each blessing bag not only had staple necessities, but Mariah also added notes to each bag reminding each person that they were loved and she would be there for them until things got better.

Mariah putting together items for the homeless. We can’t thank Mariah enough for her selfless work!

When Christmas day came, Mariah spent the morning with the Red Cross feeding the homeless and then spent the afternoon walking the streets to make sure that those who couldn’t make it to the feeding event were also reached.

“My goal is to let the homeless know that they have not been forgotten and that they are loved,” Mariah said. For people who are homeless, there are a few outlets for them to find food and a shelter. However, no one at these homeless shelters are obligated to show compassion. “Sometimes people are starving for more than food. Sometimes they are starving for love. “

Through Trending Change, Mariah has been able to show people that even though they may be struggling they still have a friend and are not invisible to the world. Thanks so much for your inspiring work, Mariah! Everybody needs to be reminded just how much we care for each other, and we love the work you are doing to accomplish just that!

More Than Just a Trend

When sharing her stories of helping those that are homeless, Mariah’s favorite encounter has been with a disabled veteran named Fred. She first met Fred on Thanksgiving Day in Chapin Park. Fred was sitting on a bench eating food that a person had given him, when Mariah went and started talking with him.

“Fred always starts his stories off with, ‘Back when I was someone.’ I knew right then that he needed me,” Mariah said. “He did so much for our country. He is and always will be someone. Every time I go to Chapin Park I look for Fred. He makes my day a little brighter, and I can only hope I make his days brighter too.”

“The most rewarding part for me is seeing them smile,” Mariah said.

Mariah hopes that Trending Change will be more than just a trend. She hopes that others start to see those who are homeless like she does and make it a part of everyday life to spread compassion to them.

You too can be a trendsetter in your own town! Be a friend to someone in need. Go out of your way to bring compassion into someone else’s life. Spread the word about Trending Change so more and more people become inspired! We can’t wait to see the difference you can make.