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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Max Bobholz – July 2019

By Victoria Feng, Editor-in-Chief
Max Bobholz, 19-year-old founder of Angels at Bat


Quote of the Month

“Anybody at any age can make a difference, so follow your dreams and through hard work, you truly can achieve anything.”
-Max Bobholz, 19-year-old founder of Angels at Bat

July Amazing Kid! of the Month

July is right in the midst of summer break for most kids, a time to have fun and play sports outside such as baseball.  While some kids are lucky to be able to afford all the proper equipment to play these sports, many others are not.

After seeing players from the Ugandan team not being able to afford proper equipment, Max Bobholz knew that he needed to find a way to help.  He started collecting used baseball equipment and began working to find a way to donate them to kids in Africa.  Today, Max’s work has been recognized been places such as CNN, Fox, and ESPN.

Read on to find out more about Max and Angels at Bat!

Finding a Way to Help

While he was watching the Little League World Series in 2012, Max noticed that players from the Ugandan team lacked the proper equipment and lacked uniforms and shoes.  Immediately, he knew he wanted to help.  Max knew that many American families such as his own had a lot of used equipment sitting in their homes, and he wanted to collect the equipment to donate to kids in Africa.

However, Max did not have any connections to Africa.  He contacted service groups for help, and discovered that a local Rotary Club was planning to go on a service to Kenya and allowed Max to join.  In partnership with the Rotary Club, Max and his mom brought 19 suitcases of baseball equipment to Kenya and Max taught almost a thousand kids there how to play baseball.

Helping Change Kids’ Lives

Since Angels at Bat’s founding, Max has help taught many kids to play baseball during his trips to Africa.  He remembers in particular a kid named Ignatius, who Max visited at a charity for children infected or orphaned due to HIV/AIDS.  Ignatius fell in love with baseball, and became eager to learn more about the sport.  After visiting America, he said that one of his favorite parts was being able to watch the Boston Red Sox play and seeing for the first time, professional American baseball.  To Max, that highlighted the importance of how Angels at Bat could help kids discover their passions.

While he has changed many other kids’ lives, Max has also been changed through starting Angels at Bat.  When he first started the organization, he had relatively little knowledge of Africa.  After visiting Kenya, he quickly realized that the country had beautiful wildlife and bustling skyscrapers, unlike the many stereotypes.  The people living in Kenya were also very welcoming to Max and helped shape his understanding of Africa’s rich culture.

Continuing to Make a Difference

Even though Max started Angels at Bat when he was in grade school, he hopes to never stop working on his organization.  Some of his goals for Angels at Bat in the coming years are to increase the number of branches and being able to send baseball equipment to more countries in Africa.

As for the future, Max hopes to graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he currently is double-majoring in Biology and African Cultural Studies.  He hopes to go to medical school and become a pediatrician.

To our readers who also want to make a difference, Max encourages them to find something they are passionate about and start working to make a difference.  In the words of his favorite quote by Gandhi:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”