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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Meghana Bollimpalli – December 2018

By Victoria Feng, Editor-in-Chief
Meghana Bollimpalli, 17-year-old scientist


Quote of the Month

“Find your passion and persevere to make your dreams come true. It is ok to stumble and fall on the way because the path to achieving your dreams isn’t easy.”
-Meghana Bollimpalli, 17-year-old scientist

Amazing Kid of the Month

December is the season of holiday cheer and joy.  With weeks off for most students, it’s a perfect time to sit back and focus on doing the things you love.  It’s a great opportunity to discover your passion and try a variety of things to find one activity you enjoy doing.

Meghana Bollimpalli first found her passion in middle school when she successfully created water filters to help Indian families struggling with waterborne illnesses.  She loved the opportunity to be able to help people and drastically improve their lives.  Throughout the years, she has continued researching and recently created a low cost electrode that can be used to power electronic devices.

Read on to find about more about Meghana and her inventions!

Discovering Her Passion

Ever since she was in middle school, Meghana has been interested in scientific research.  Her first invention were water filters, which she was inspired to create after hearing about the waterborne illnesses facing rural communities.  These water filters greatly helped those communities, and Meghana realized that she had found her passion.  Her latest invention, electrodes for supercapacitors, is also related to environmental science and is part of her love for the field.

The process has not been easy and has been filled with trial and errors.  Meghana recalls the hardest part was not knowing what to try next.  The methods she tried, such as using platinum, had not been tried before.  Four months later, she was still left with no success.  However, by ten months of research, Meghana was able to use a combination of tea powder, molasses, tannin, and some phosphorous and nitrogen to create an electrode.  This creation was also very economically friendly, as it costed less than $1.

But beyond the numerous science fair prizes and awards such as being named a 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient, Meghana credits her journey as a scientist and inventor to have helped her to discover her passion.

Leading the Way

Meghana has used her success and knowledge to help others who are curious about science as well.  Following the success of her own science fair project, many pre-AP and even AP science students reached out to her, wanting help on their own research projects.  Soon, she was bombarded with a lot of requests seeking help, and Meghana couldn’t reply to all of them.

However, Meghana still wanted to help as many people as possible.  She started a Science Fair Workshop Series (SFWS) program at her own high school.  Not only does the club help encourage students interested in science to participate in science fair, it also creates positive community where students can ask one another questions.  Students who reached out to Meghana can now ask their peers as well.

Bringing SWFS to her high school is just one step towards Meghana’s commitment towards education, which she cites as the one thing she would change about the world.  In particular, she is concerned about how difficult it is for people who are discriminated against and have an even harder time accessing education resources.

“A good education allows people to think critically and creatively which ultimately leads to innovation and development around the world,” Meghana said.

Finding Your Passions

When she’s not busy with scientific research, Meghana enjoys exploring her many hobbies.

Meghana is currently a senior in high school, and is interested in double majoring in chemistry and economics, as well as minor in environmental science.  She wants her future career to be a combination of those interests.  Meghana’s most important focus is that whatever career she chooses, it will be something she loves and finds success in.

“I think that economics and STEM field are closely related. This is a connection that I discovered through my research in science. When you design a product or material, you must also consider how that material will affect the economy. You have to consider who the stakeholders are, who the market it, how much it costs, and how it will affect the economy,” Meghana explains.

This holiday season, spend time doing the things you love and making fun memories.  Take time to find a new passion, like Meghana and her discovery of scientific research.