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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Olivia Sanabia – January 2017

By Victoria Feng, AKOM and Money Smarts Editor
Olivia Sanabia, 13-year-old actress and volunteer


Quote of the Month

“If you have a dream in your heart, never give up on it. Remember to treat everyone with kindness, work hard, and be humble!”
– Olivia Sanabia, 13-year-old actress

January Amazing Kid! of the Month

The new year has begun, and I am excited for the almost-endless possibilities 2017 can bring! There’s an exciting feeling of hope generated from starting the year with a fresh, clean slate. The holidays are ending, with Christmas and the New Year celebrations a few days ago.  I hope your holiday season has been as nice as mine and filled with joy. The holidays have always held a special place in my heart, especially being able to spend more time with my family. But as 2017 has arrived, I’m ready to start writing my New Year’s resolution.  I have written promises to myself about what I plan to (and will) do. This January, Amazing Kids! Magazine challenges you to write a New Year’s resolution – and keep up with it!

Since Olivia Sanabia was young, she has been acting. She treasures every experience as a way to get more experience and meet new people and foster relationships. While filming Just Add Magic, for example, Olivia made friends with fellow actors and actresses.  She hopes that viewers can bond too over her show. Those of all ages can watch as Just Add Magic is a family friendly show.

Read on to find out more about Olivia and her work!

Following Her Passion

She also has appeared in numerous plays and movies, starting with theater. Since Olivia was 2 years old, she had dreamed of playing Annie from “Annie” the musical. It was a really exciting opportunity for Olivia and from that point on, she has never looked back on her decision to act. Olivia hopes to one day become a Broadway star.

Olivia has done a lot in the acting industry, starting with commercials. One of her favorites was being able to do a commercial for Dairy Queen.

More than Just Reciting Scripts

Olivia treasures the moments that she gets to act and perform. Not only is every show an amazing opportunity for her career, but she is also able to meet lots of new people and make friends both on-stage and off.

Just Add Magic is a movie about three girls who find a cookbook with magical recipes inside. Olivia plays the main character, Kelly Quinn. Dubbed as family-friendly by Olivia and multiple reviewers, it is a great movie for viewers to enjoy some down time with their family.

Olivia also describes her experience with working on the set as incredible, and talks about the cast and crew as “a huge family”. Olivia describes Just Add Magic as having a great plot, and shows a special bond in families and friends. In her own words, “For example, the relationship between Kelly Quinn and her grandmother is so strong and sweet. Also, the bond between Kelly and her two best friends is unbreakable, no matter what craziness the magic cookbook throws at them.” Olivia feels that this important topic is not touched enough in TV shows.

Volunteering and giving back to the community is also an important part of Olivia’s life and she tries to make a difference in others’ lives whenever possible.

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is a non-profit organization that sells cookies and receives donations in order to fund research for pediatric cancer. Olivia truly cares about helping kids and was disheartened when she found out that there is a limited number of funds for kids with cancer. Olivia volunteers with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and asks that others do the same. If you are interested, please go to and see how you can help. Some ways are by buying cookies from the website and hosting your own bake sale with profits going to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. As Olivia says, every little bit helps.

Continuing to Grow and Achieve

Just Add Magic, the Amazon Prime show where Olivia plays Kelly Quinn, wrapped up Season 1 in January 2016, but Olivia says that Season 2 is coming soon this January. Here is the link to Amazon’s Just Add Magic. After the show is over, Olivia is interested in doing a feature film with lots of drama.

One of Olivia’s dreams is to be able to inspire other girls, and positively impact their lives.

In addition to acting, Olivia enjoys spending time with family and friends, singing, and playing piano. Once she’s a little less busy, Olivia is excited to get back to music.

Amazing Kids! wishes Olivia the best of luck and knows that she will achieve great things. She has already done a lot, and continues to work and give back to her community. Her passion and determination is one that we should all look up to and shows that with hard work, your dreams can be reached.

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