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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Rebecca Bloom – January 2016

Written by Catherine Cheng, AKOM Writer
Rebecca Bloom, 10-year-old Actress


Quote of the Month

“If you can dream it you can do it. Listen to your heart and go for what you want.”
– Rebecca Bloom, 10-year-old Actress

January Amazing Kid! of the Month

January blesses the world with the opening days of a new year. It is the start of something new but also the end of a year gone by. Some people celebrate with fireworks, others write resolutions for the coming year, but regardless of how you celebrate, the general theme is the same: this is the start of something brilliant. Each New Years is filled with hope and beauty and it is in that hope that dreams become launched and inspiration thrives. Amazing Kids! encourages you to bask in the spirit of January and set 2016 off with a spark.

Rebecca Bloom voices the character Marcie in The Peanuts Movie that was released back in November. Both Rebecca and Marcie look for the best in people and understand what it means to dream. As Rebecca continues to chase after her acting dreams, she knows to remain humble and give back to her community. Her story is one of beginnings and making a place for oneself in the larger than human world.

Keep reading to find out more about Rebecca and her journey!

Rebecca Bloom poses happily for the camera, a bright light in her eyes.

Rebecca Bloom poses happily for the camera, a bright light in her eyes.

A Million Yous

Rebecca first fell in love with acting when she was cast as an orphan in Annie. Even then she knew that she wanted to keep acting because she loved it so much. For her first actual job, Rebecca starred in an iPhone 5 commercial. She tells us that she was more hot than nervous because she had to wear a full squirrel costume. She had plenty of fun and was pleasantly surprised that the entire commercial was shot on an iPhone. There is something amazing about the process of becoming someone or something else. Everything suddenly seems possible.

Each new role she took on added to her skill set and she was willing to learn and try all sorts of new things. As she grew older and took on a string of successful commercials, Rebecca discovered that she had a very unique voice and decided she wished to pursue a voice over career. Her first job was giving life to Masha in the TV series Masha and the Bear. One thing led to another and Rebecca soon found herself auditioning for The Peanuts Movie. She had to audition several times for almost a year, but the payoff was well worth it when she found out she had been cast.

For Rebecca, the most exciting part of participating in the making of The Peanuts Movie was being able to hear all of the voices of her fellow cast members.

Rebecca doing what she loves most: voice acting.

Rebecca doing what she loves most: voice acting.

Amazing Kids! is most impressed by how versatile and humble Rebecca is. She is unafraid to branch out and try new things and always aims to improve herself. She still gets jitters when she auditions for roles but she doesn’t let them stop her from dreaming and beginning new activities. In fact, she recently began to pursue improv at the LA Comedy Connection and hopes to continue landing roles in comedy projects.

More Than Just Us

Of course, this world is so much larger than just human and as Rebecca probably discovered when acting as a squirrel in her iPhone 5 commercial, animals lead very different lives from humans. It is so important for individuals to develop empathy and love the world around us and Rebecca has done just that.

Rebecca is heavily invested in several non-profit organizations that support animal rights and rescue including The Orca Project. After watching the movie Blackfish, she knew she wanted to raise awareness about captive Orcas. Since then, Rebecca has donated money to the organization, met with some of the rescued Orcas, and spread awareness about the issue. In the future she hopes to go into the field and do some of her own rescuing if possible.

Rebecca poses with her recuse cat.

Rebecca poses with her recuse cat.

She may not be rescuing Orcas yet, but she is already improving the lives of neighborhood strays. Her family always carries a leash in the car in order to help dogs who are wandering the area. They’ve even had a few dogs stay overnight. Rebecca loves PETA and their mission statement and has rescued several cats and dogs.

Our Voices are Unique

Rebecca wishes to continue her work as an actress as she grows older and to keep enjoying friendships and we’re sure her wish will be granted. When reflecting on her story, it’s important to realize how different each person’s dream can be. Whether it be her love for voice acting, her drive to carve out a name for herself in comedy, or her active involvement in the Orca Project, Rebecca is a unique individual. We are all unique in our interests and ambitions and as a result, each of us offer something different to the world.

As a new year begins, listen to your own voice and the voice in your heart. Ask yourself what difference you wish to make in this world and what dreams you wish to pursue. The first step to all amazing feats is knowing what you wish to achieve. Good luck and cheers to a happy 2016.