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Amazing Kid! of the Month – Robby Novak – November 2014

Robby Novak, 11-year-old Kid President
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer


Quote of the Month

”My mom makes me stand and smile in the mirror if I get grumpy.”
-Robby Novak, 11-year-old Kid President

November Amazing Kid! of the Month

November is an important month for politics. Politics — you know, those activities that influence the government. And while your parents and older family members are gearing up to vote for their favorite politicians in November, we’ve got one more name for them to add to the ballot. Yours!

Long gone are the days when kids can’t change the world and can’t be presidents. For 11-year-old Robby Novak, he’s known all along that we have the power to be awesome. In fact, you may know Robby as Kid President, the YouTube sensation who is making the world a lot less boring and a lot more awesome with his pep talks and charming videos. (Go watch one of his famous videos right now, and we promise Robby will have you craving both corndogs and world peace within minutes!)

Robby Novak, 11-year-old Kid President.

Robby Novak, 11-year-old Kid President.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to add “Amazing Kid!” to Robby/Kid President’s incredibly impressive resume. Keep reading to learn more about Robby’s journey as Kid President, how he is making the world a better place, and how you can too! Warning: Extreme “awesome-ness” ahead. Proceed with caution!

Just a kid

One of the hardest things about being a kid can sometimes be hearing other people say, “You can’t make a difference. You’re just a kid!” But guess what? Awesome people have no age restrictions!

In July of 2012 when Robby and his brother-in-law Brad Montage made their first Kid President video. Robby not only showed off his epic dance moves and his infectious smile, but also took the first steps in urging us to start being more awesome.

Like any awesome president, Robby started with a vision. “My brother Brad and I just wanted to show people that kids are awesome and that they can change the world,” Robby said. “We think about stuff that’s positive and that will help people.”

It was Robby’s sister Kristi (Brad’s wife) who came up with the famous “Kid President” name. “Kristi and I work with teenagers and constantly talk about them changing the world,” Brad said. “We were inspired by them and how they handled big problems with such compassion and creativity. This made us want to explore what it might look like for a kid to decide one day he’s in charge.”

Now, Robby, Brad and the crew of SoulPancake have brought us dozens upon dozens of videos. From “20 things we should say more often” to “A Pep Talk From Kid President To You,” these videos have brought a smile to millions of faces and inspired countless kids AND adults to take action and change the world.

Robby’s family describes the video as a family project. The concepts for the videos “are all things I’ve been trying to teach Robby,” Brad said. “He in turn wants to share them with the world. We’re motivated by love.”

Robby’s favorite video to make was “Kid President Shares Your 20 Things We Should Say More Often.” He loved how funny some of the ideas were, saying, “Bless your little cotton socks!”

Robby’s favorite video to make was “Kid President Shares Your 20 Things We Should Say More Often.” He loved how funny some of the ideas were, saying, “Bless your little cotton socks!”

In fact, Robby even has a book coming out in February titled, “Kid Present’s Guide to Being Awesome.” “I couldn’t fit all of the awesome into one video so we decided to make a book that will teach everyone how to be awesome,” Robby said. His guide includes tons of ideas to help the world, interviews with his new celebrity friends, and a guide into how to make everything just a little bit “awesomer.”

Tin can, string, and heart

It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, purple, pink, blue, yellow, green or red. It doesn’t matter if your favorite dance move is the lawnmower, the sprinkler, or the shopping cart. (By the way, Robby told us that while he loves to dance to anything, his favorite dance move is the pencil sharpener.) And it doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, big, little, or somewhere in between. As Kid President said it best, “You have everything you need to make the world awesome.”

Don’t let a lack of money, technology or other resources stop you from dreaming big. As Kid President, Robby has interviewed a lot of well-known people, including Beyonce, President Obama, and Rainn Wilson. However, his phone of choice isn’t an iPhone 6 or an Android. Instead, in Kid President’s videos you will see him throwing it way back to the days of communicating with tin cans connected by strings.

While Kid President’s tin cans and strings are pretty cool, at Amazing Kids! we think his heart is even more awesome! Robby has made around 70 videos as Kid President, a number eerily similar to the bones that have broken in Robby’s body. He was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a condition that makes bones brittle and allows them to break very easily. But that hasn’t stopped Robby from dancing, or throwing a surprise retirement party for a beloved teacher, or launching #Socktober to spread acts of kindness to homeless people,

“Robby and I just want to try to create something that will make people happier than they were before,” Brad said. Judging by the loads of emails the family receives every day from parents, kids, and teachers sharing how Kid President inspired them to make a difference in the world, we’d say Robby and his crew has more than succeeded!

Robby shows us that even though we may all be different on the outside and we may all have different struggles going on inside of us, we were all made to be awesome. That doesn’t mean we don’t have hard days. Kid President has them too! But he has a great tip to get you giggling in no time. “My Mom makes me stand and smile in a mirror when I get grumpy.”

One of the perks of being Kid President is the furry friend that comes with the job! “I have a hamster and his name is Roosevelt,” Robby said.

One of the perks of being Kid President is the furry friend that comes with the job! “I have a hamster and his name is Roosevelt,” Robby said.

Give the World a Reason to Dance

At the end of the day, being a kid president can be challenging. Robby doesn’t claim to know everything. He’s still navigating normal 11-year-old things like long division and spelling tests and deciding how many corn dogs are too many. But that doesn’t stop Robby from dreaming big.

“Me and Brad just want more people to know that they are awesome and that they can do awesome things,” he said. “I also want to interview Hugh Jackman because he is Wolverine.”

We can’t wait to see where Robby’s journey takes him. And we can’t wait to see where you go too. With a parent’s permission, log onto SoulPancake’s YouTube channel and be inspired by all the amazing-ness Kid President brings. We need YOU to show us just how awesome you can be.

Now go out and start changing the world. Seriously! Go out into the world, and give us a reason to dance.

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