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Amazing Kids! of the Month – April 1999 – Mrs. Weeg’s Students

The Global Classroom – Building Bridges

This month, Amazing Kids! is pleased to recognize the amazing students at Delmar Elementary School in Delmar, Maryland. These amazing kids are pretty smart when it comes to computers and the Internet! They are very lucky, as they are working on some really fun and exciting projects with other students from around the world! Read their amazing story below–and see if you might want to start your own “international” Internet project at your school too!

Delmar Elementary School’s Amazing Kids!

Amazing students at Delmar Elementary School are scattered all around the only elementary school in the little town that is “too big for one state.” The town of Delmar is on the state line of Delaware and Maryland. The elementary school is in Delmar, Maryland and the junior-senior high school is in Delmar, Delaware. Of course, all of the 1048 elementary school students at Delmar Elementary are amazing! Here’s a story about some of those amazing Delmar kids. You’ll find them in Ms. Weeg’s computer lab! Come on in…

The Global Classroom at Delmar

In a tiny corner of the Media Center any visitor will immediately see the “Global Classroom” at Delmar – the Title 1 computer lab. In this lab students in grades 1, 2 and 3 use computers to supplement reading, math and writing skills taught in the classroom. The students work under the guidance of their amazing and very dedicated Title 1 computer teacher, Patti Weeg. Since 1991 students at Delmar have also participated in online global projects with friends all around the world.

The “What’s New?” page on their “Global Classroom” website highlights the most recent happenings by some of the amazing students at Delmar.

Delmar’s Online Projects

“Building Bridges”

A special activity, which takes place inside the Title 1 lab, is an ongoing project, started in 1995, with their friends at Rinkan Elementary School in Japan. Delmar teacher, Patti Weeg, and Japanese teacher, Isamu Shimazaki, have engaged their younger students in telecommunication projects for 4 years using art to bridge language barriers. In 1998 the project moved into KIDLINK when it opened its global doors to students under 10 years of age.

The Building Bridges project began here.


Be sure to visit the Bridges WWWBoard to see the ongoing communication by these students!

Mrs. Weeg gave a presentation in Stockholm, Sweden in October of 1998 about this project with her students and the students in Japan.

The “Who Am I?” Program

In the same corner of the Media Center where the Title 1 lab is located there are 27 older model computers donated by private citizens, community businesses and organizations and Salisbury State University. This collection of computers is called, “The Write Place” and is open to students and teachers during the course of the day. Students from 5th and 6th grade come to “The Write Place” every morning and during recess time each day to work on global projects and to send and receive e-mail from their friends in Japan, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Brazil, Argentina, Greece, the United Kingdom and the USA. The most amazing part of this “KIDLINK at Delmar” program is the fact that it is totally voluntary! The students come to the lab during their free time before classes begin in the morning, during their recess time and after school one day a week. These students choose to work during their free time! Aren’t they amazing!?

In 1998 KIDLINK began the “Who Am I?” program which consists of 6 learning modules based on these themes:

  • Who Am I?
  • What Are My Rights?
  • Where Do I Live?
  • My Friends and Family
  • What Are My Roots?
  • Virtual Vacation

Delmar’s amazing 5th and 6th grade students have been participating in this program since September, 1998. Their participation can be seen on these web pages. The current project is “Virtual Vacation.”

Authors Mentoring Authors On-Line

Delmar Title 1 teacher, Carla Hurchalla facilitates a summer project at Delmar Elementary school which allows published children’s authors to share the authors craft with student authors. This writing workshop pairs a published children’s author with a student author. As the student authors are guided through the writing process, the mentor authors are communicating with them through email with encouragement and support. Each student author shares his writing daily with his mentor. The mentor author then guides the student writer with suggestions concerning his writing. As the student author is exposed to the authors’ craft, his piece is revised. Finally the well-developed piece is published on the WWW. The student authors have an invaluable experience with writing that could not have been possible without the efforts of their mentor authors. Love to write? Follow this link to an amazing online writing workshop by Ms. Hurchalla.

Virtual Alaska

This project teams Title 1 Second Grade Students with a key pals in Alaska to enrich the learning experience. Students communicate weekly with their key pal concerning the customs, environment, climate and resources of Alaska. These weekly writing sessions are based on questions that the students have from the weekly lessons. The questions and answers then serve as a basis for the next week’s lessons.

Through the course of this project the students have learned first hand about the plants and animals of Alaska. They have then applied that information to an Alaska Fact book. They have also learned first hand about the Iditarod race as their key pal volunteers yearly on the trail. All of their Alaska knowledge has been accumulated in a published hardback book, by Studentreasures, entitled Alaska ABCs.

Virtual Alaska Program Facilitators

Carla Hurchalla

Betty Ryall

Delmar Artists

A KIDLINK teacher in France, Francois Pignot, invited Delmar students to participate in an art exhibition “for a new celebration about Internet.” The theme was “Invitation to travel.” Six drawings by Delmar 5th and 6th graders appear on this French web page. Fifth grade student artist, Kate Lilley, recently won a national contest sponsored by Campbell’s Soup, the Labels For Education “Campbell’s Souper School Stuff” Contest. Her winning art work has brought a prize of 25 new computers for Delmar Elementary School and a live video broadcast to the school from – the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley! Now that’s amazing! Way to go, Kate!

New Amazing Dinosaur Project!

Japanese elementary student Sonnie’s amazing picture and story starter for the “Dinosaurs are Amazing” Project on KIDLINK!

Are dinosaurs really extinct? Not on the KIDLINK Building Bridges WWW Bulletin Board! A new “Dinosaurs” writing and drawing project has recently been started on the KIDLINK WWW Bulletin Board by an amazing Japanese elementary student, Sonnie, and his teacher, Isamu Shimazaki, from his school in Japan! Not only is Sonnie’s class involved, but two other schools in the United States have joined this fun and educational project: Dennis Buccola’s class in Illinois, and Mrs. Weeg’s class in Maryland!

The students are working together to write stories about dinosaurs. One classroom starts the story, then they send it to the students in the other classrooms, who finish the story! Sonnie started the dinosaur story for this project. The story is printed on the above picture in the Japanese language. You can read the English translation here. Mr. Buccola’s students added their own pictures and writing to Sonnie’s story, and Mrs. Weeg’s and Mrs. Crouse’s 2nd graders at Delmar Elementary recently wrote some facts about dinosaurs and drew pictures. You can see their work on the dinosaur project page on KIDLINK too!

The artwork shown here is from the “Dinosaurs” story project.

American student Tonya’s amazing dinosaur picture from Mr.Buccola’s class in Illinois!

You can visit the KIDLINK WWW bulletin board to watch this amazing dinosaur project as it grows!

Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to start your own amazing Internet dinosaur project at your school!

Wow! Delmar Elementary is filled with so many amazing kids!

For more information on the amazing kids at Delmar Elementary, or to learn how you can get involved in KIDLINK, contact:

Patti Weeg
Title 1 Computer teacher, The Global Classroom

For those of you who love doing math, Mrs. Weeg has written a book to show you how you can use the Internet in your math class to make it come alive with real meaning! It’s called: Kids@work: Math in the Cyberzone.

If you’d like more information about Mrs. Weeg’s book, visit the publisher’s website.

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