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Amazing Kids! of the Month – April 2014 – Allie Thiesse

Allie Thiesse, 17-year-old amazing volunteer
Written by Kasey Dallman, AKOM writer


Quote of the month

“My motivation is the change I get to see afterward and the joy that it brings to others. I have always wanted to help others who haven’t been as blessed as I am.”
-Allie Thiesse, 17-year-old amazing volunteer

Amazing Kid! of the Month

17-year-old Allie Thiesse has been volunteering since she was in fifth grade. From raising money for cancer research to volunteering at her local humane society and helping to support a friend with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Allie truly has one amazing volunteer resume.

Here at Amazing Kids! we think that helping other people is an awesome way to give back to the community. Keep reading to find out more about Allie’s volunteer projects and how you can get involved with your community!

Allie is an awesome example about how we can help others!

Allie is an awesome example about how we can help others!

Making a Difference

Allie has done so many campaigns and volunteer projects; we don’t even know where to begin! Last June she joined the Healing Oklahoma Campaign. Run by the notable and Art Feeds, the program provided art supplies to children affected by the scary Oklahoma tornadoes. Sometimes it’s hard to express ourselves through words, especially after experiencing a trauma. This campaign helped the kids in disaster-impacted areas to “express themselves through art,” Allie said.

To help with the Healing Oklahoma Campaign, Allie placed drop boxes throughout her community asking for art supplies and capes (to help the children feel like invincible superheroes!). “At the end of June I sent out my 300+ art supplies and 30 capes to Oklahoma,” Allie said. How wonderful!

By participating in Alex’s Lemonade Stand and an all kid’s Relay for Life team, Allie has also helped raise a tremendous amount of money for cancer research and pediatric cancer research. Relay for Life is an organized overnight walk that raises money for cancer research, celebrates cancer survivors, and remembers those who have lost their lives to cancer. “My favorite thing was getting to listen to the survivor stories and try to understand their point of view,” Allie said. “I knew it didn’t matter how much money we raised because we were still making a difference.” Between her fundraising work with Relay for Life and Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Allie helped raise almost $3,000.

Walter’s Warriors

Allie’s done tons of volunteer work to help others, especially those she doesn’t even know. But Allie also takes time to help her friends. During Allie’s freshman year of high school her friend, Adam Walter, was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer spread through lymph nodes.

In the beginning, things were looking good for Adam, but during his one-year checkup a mass in his chest showed that the cancer had returned. Last summer Adam had to drive an hour away for five days a week to receive his radiation treatment.

“Gas prices and hotel prices weren’t their only struggle,” Allie said. “I decided that I wanted to help Adam and his family.” Allie created a Facebook page called Walter’s Warriors, and she designed a T-shirt. Orders for the Walter’s Warriors T-shirts have streamed in from all over the country, even from people who don’t know Adam or his family. Around $7,000 has been raised, and all that money goes directly to Adam’s family. Way to go Allie!

Allie and Adam wearing the Walter’s Warriors T-shirts.

Allie and Adam wearing the Walter’s Warriors T-shirts.

Visit the Walter’s Warriors Facebook page at to show your support and even order a T-shirt if you would like! “Another way to help is to support someone locally in your hometown who has cancer or any cancer organization,” Allie said.

A Bright Future

Allie has always loved animals and plans to become a zoologist. She even has incorporated her passion for animals into her volunteer work. One of her latest projects was working with Pics for Pets, where Allie took and posted photos of animals in her local humane society on websites to help animals get adopted. She has even ran an animal food drive at her school and made cat toys so new pet owners can interact with their adopted cats. “One of my future goals is to continue to help others in any way that I can. Whether it’s with a food drive or raising money, I already can’t wait to begin!”

Allie has spent a great deal of her time volunteering and helping others. “My motivation is the change I get to see afterward and the joy that it brings to others,” she said. “I always have wanted to help others who haven’t been as blessed as I am.”

She has also shown us a ton of ways that we can get involved with our communities. And if you are eager to get out there and make your mark on the world, Allie has some awesome words of wisdom for you. “You are never too young to volunteer. Once you get an idea of project you want to pursue, go for it!”

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  1. Grandma Joanne /

    So very proud of you for all the things you have accomplished in your 17 years. Just keep up the good work and it will all come back to you in rewards. I wish you all the success that you deserve and that life is kind to you in the future. Hope to see you Saturday at the shower, wish you could be with us for Easter Sunday at Mary and Bills but you will have a nice Easter anyway. Love you and miss seeing you a lot.