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Amazing Kids! of the Month – August 2013 – Niti Majethia

By Kasey Dallman, Staff Writer



Quote of the Month

“You’ll go a long way if you just let your heart out and write.”

-16 year old Niti Majethia, Amazing Award Winning Writer.


Niti Majethia, Amazing Award Winning Writer


We all have a passion. Something that shapes our lives and something we cannot live without. For Niti, that is writing. In the span of only a few years, Niti has gone from writing short poems to being on the fast track to publishing her own book.

Amazing Kids is pleased to announce Niti Majethia as our August Amazing Kid of the Month. Keep reading to learn more about Niti’s writing, and how you too can break into the publishing world.


A Great Start to Writing

Niti Majethia dreams to be a famous poet and writer. While the sentence may be a simple one, it is no easy task!

Niti grew up in a literature rich house in Mumbai. “My parents are not writers, but they love reading so there was this atmosphere of literature at home,” Niti said. She wrote her first poem at age 6. Quite an impressive feat indeed!

Writing on and off whenever she felt inspired wasn’t enough for her though.

“I would walk into a bookstore, see all these published books, and wonder why I didn’t have my own. Then, I realized that the only way to get into this world is to do it everyday, like a profession.”

While she is only 16 years old, Niti makes it a habit to write everyday, no matter how busy she is. And her hard work has paid off.

Niti has been published in her local newspaper, Robinage. She has been published in various American magazines like Skipping Stone. And she has won awards from Kidspirit, the same magazine that she is now an editor for! Congrats Niti.

Two of Niti’s poems have been voted #1 on “I know exactly what I want, and I don’t give up until I get it,” she said.

Two of Niti’s poems have been voted #1 on “I know exactly what I want, and I don’t give up until I get it,” she said.


Making Splashes in the Publishing World

Niti received her first award from Kidspirit in 2012 for the most reflective poem. Her poem was titled “After I die,” and was written years back when she was only in seventh grade! Niti also recently was received and award from Kidspirit for her poem “My teachers.”

Kidspirit, based out of New York, is an online teen magazine that provides a publishing outlet for kids around the world. After Niti’s poem “After I die” was selected, she was invited to New York to receive her award. She calls this award ceremony one of her most rewarding experiences.

Here is the award Niti received from Kidspirit!

Here is the award Niti received from Kidspirit!

At the ceremony Niti got to read her poem for all of the guests. She met the Buddhist priest and author Mr. Lama Surya Das, met a film producer, and met the New York Kidspirit editors.

“Other guests came up and told me how they had almost begun crying because my poem on death reminded them of a close loved one,” she said. “This showed me the real power of words. You can change people, grow people, and you can heal them.”

At the award ceremony, Niti was also asked to join the Kidspirit editorial staff.  Soon after, Niti set up her own editorial board for the magazine based out of India. After months of getting to know perspective board members, Niti now has an editorial board that consists of six people! Congrats Niti!

As an editor for Kidspirit, she gets to help distribute columns to other writers and makes sure deadlines are followed. Niti also edits submissions and makes sure all changes are implemented before the pieces get sent to the New York board. “I write poems, prose, and general pieces for columns. I also edit my own work, and other people’s work,” Niti explained.


The Road to Publication

As any writer will tell you, one of the hardest parts isn’t sitting down to write. It’s making that big break and getting published.

For Niti, she used to spend hours researching different magazines that would accept work by children and emailing editor after editor. With that came a few rejections, even rejections from the people around her.  However, she urges other young writers not to let this discourage you! “I realized that if I had let those knives hurt me and if I had given up, I would have never won these awards and gotten recognized. I would have never been an editor in one of the world’s top magazines for teenagers,” Niti said.

For all of our aspiring writers Niti has some advice!

If others can find solace
in your words,
you are successful.
If others can be inspired
by your words,
you are powerful.
If others can find constellations
in your words,
you are truly expressive.
But if you can find a home in your words,
you are a real poet.

Niti hasn’t let the fear of a few rejections scare her away from her dreams. She is currently writing a book, and wants to make a perfume. Niti is truly one inspiring writer!

Below is one last original poem she has written for us!


The Mechanism of Art

By Niti Majethia, Mumbai, India


Literature to me,
is how the clouds
change the way they move
to change their reflections
in the lake.
The cloud gives the thought,
the ripples translate it into words.
My idea of art,
is love that
the winds have for the flowers,
helping them give birth,
and tingling them,
making them feel the freedom
of flight
underneath their petals,
even when they are stuck
and rooted.
The way the poet
feels the whole swelling
sky underneath his nails,
the weight is heavy,
the weight is heavy
until we pour it out.
Living alphabets
float underneath my skin,
my eyelashes are just incarnations
of translucent wings.
This is art to me,
this is life to me.
This is the mechanism of art.
I eat every alphabet
and savor the crunch,
it lingers and grows poems
on my taste buds.
Dance, to me, is the swinging
night sky
with the rain.
And the shooting stars,
flying with their grace.
Singing to me is not sound,
singing to me is the photograph
that has no words
but has music
that cannot be heard,
but felt.
Yes, art communicates.
Art is never quiet.
And when it is,
it is waiting for you to say something.