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Amazing Kids! of the Month – Christina Li – March 2018

By Victoria Feng, Assistant Editor and AKOM Editor
Christina Li, 19-year-old founder of Hello World


Quote of the Month

“Always be curious about things and ask questions.”
– Christina Li, 19-year-old founder of Hello World

Amazing Kid! of the Month

With March’s arrival brings the bridge between the two seasons, the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Spring flowers start blooming, and snow slowly starts to melt away. It is also the time to bridge together your talents and a problem in your community, finding a way that you can help the community.

Christina (Tina) Li is the founder of Hello World, a Michigan-based weeklong camp for girls to learn how to code. She has had a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields since she was young and wants to help others learn as well. Her work has been featured by many, including CNN and the White House.

Read on to learn more about Tina and her work!

Fighting for Representation

Christina (Tina) Li originally became interested in science, particularly engineering, through playing with Legos at a young age and having a curiosity for knowing and understanding more about our world. She learned how to code and was active in participating in math competitions.

Not only are girls hugely underrepresented in Silicon Valley; it is difficult for low-income students to pursue careers in STEM fields. Tina is trying to solve both issues by offering a completely free weeklong camp along with free lunches provided to participants. She understands that for many families who struggle with money, education might not be a top priority; and she hopes that making the camp free would be an incentive for them to sign up for the camp. Tina also notes that computer science jobs will earn more money down the road, but only if they start learning the skills they need for the job now. And Hello World offers a unique experience to learn these important skills.

Making a Difference

Tina noticed that while the girls were at first apprehensive to sign up to spend their week of summer break entirely focused on coding, they became more and more interested as the camp progressed. By the end of the week, the participants had finished their lunch earlier and come back to work on their code. They learn about robotics, website design (HTML and CSS), and coding games and apps.

Christina works with participants on a robot.

She has even received emails from former participants saying how the camp inspired them to join robotics teams and become more interested in STEM, taking courses in the field. It is moments like these that inspired Tina to keep going.

Coding the Future

Tina is currently focused on balancing her normal coursework, graduating from Stanford University, and pursuing graduate school. She has been hired by rocket company SpaceX as an intern and will start working this summer. While she is unsure what career she is interested in, Tina is sure that she wants to continue helping as many people as possible.

Some more skills she is interested in learning are CNC, CAD simulations, operating systems, PCB design, transistor-level chip design, etc.

This year, locals of Sterling Heights, Michigan, can apply to the Hello World camp. There will be presentations from a variety of notable tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, and a new addition: SpaceX. If you are interested in participating in this year’s camp, you can visit Tina’s website,, and find more information about Hello World at

This March, identify a problem in your community like Tina, and find how you can help. Even if there is not an existing program available, create your own. The more creativity you use creating the project, the better. Your impact is only limited by your imagination.