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Amazing Kids! of the Month – December 2011 – Sabine Teyssier

Sabine Teyssier, Amazing Young Environmentalist
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer


Quote of the Month
“If you are really passionate about a cause you will end up making a difference, even if it’s just in your community.”

-Sabine Teyssier, age 17

Amazing Young Environmentalist

Sabine Teyssier, 17, has been a part of Teens Turning Green, an environmental advocacy group, for a year. Sabine even got the opportunity to be a campaign member for Teens Turning Green’s Project Green Challenge. At Amazing Kids! we love seeing kids do their part to turn the environment around. We are so proud to call Sabine Teyssier our Amazing Kid! of the Month. Read more to find out more information about Teens Turning Green, the very successful Project Green Challenge, and ways you can help the environment.

Teens Turning Green

Teens Turning Green was founded by Judi Shils and her daughter Erin Schroder in 2005. It is a student led movement that strives to educate communities, schools, and individuals on global sustainability. A side branch of Teens Turning Green, Project Lunch club, aims to transform school lunches.

Sabine, far right, at a photo shoot with eco-lunchboxes

Sabine became involved with Teens Turning Green last year when she decided to start a Project Lunch club at her school. Her goals were to improve the healthiness and taste of her school’s cafeteria food. “The founder of Teens Turning Green would come to our club meetings, give us advice and help us put our plans into action,” Sabine said.

Since working on Project Lunch club, Sabine noticed a considerable change in her school’s cafeteria food. The experience also got her hooked on Teens Turning Green. “The work (both Judi and Erin) did, and the great success they achieved with it inspired me to join there,” said Sabine. She became an intern with the organization this last summer and “was fascinated with the smart way Project Green Challenge was bringing environmental awareness to the young generation, and decided to continue my work throughout the year.”

So what is Project Green Challenge?

Project Green Challenge was a project that Teens Turning Green created to energize schools and universities in all ways green! Project Green Challenge came up with daily challenges, and participants got to post their responses to Facebook and Twitter. “As a campaign member for Project Green Challenge, I did a lot of different things to make sure the conscious environmental message got out!” Sabine said. The project had legs of its own and Sabine saw feedback from almost every state! How cool is that?

Sabine (gray top with black jeans) behind the scenes at a Project Green Challenge video shoot with other interns and with Erin Schrode (co-founder of Teens Turning Green)

“My biggest role was working on the daily challenges, themselves: finding fun ways to bring awareness of the impact a day-to-day lifestyle has on the environment, compiling tips and facts to guide participants through the 30 day transformation, researching Eco-leaders and eco-friendly products for prizes, as well as giving a kid’s point of view on the website’s design!” It sounds like Sabine had a huge role in Project Green Challenge! Unfortunately, Project Green Challenge was only through the month of October, but we got word from Erin Schrode (the co-founder of Teens Turning Green) that with such positive feedback the project may continue to keep growing.

While working with Teens Turning Green and being an instrumental role in Project Green Challenge, Sabine says she has learned a lot about the way she looks at herself and others. “I’ve understood that whatever we do to the environment affects us all, no matter how old we are or where we live,” Sabine said. Sabine also added how every has the potential to make a difference, no matter how big or small! “Looking at Teens Turning Green and observing all the influence they’ve had upon kids across the nation and the world, and looking at myself and the easy ways I’ve changed my own lifestyle shows me that one person’s desire to become a more conscious person simply has a ripple effect.”

Sabine editing Project Green Challenges in the office


Little Things That Make a Difference

Sabine admits that she always thought to become more eco friendly she had to make huge adjustments to her life. However, now she knows that “there are a bunch of little things kids can do every day to reduce their impact on the environment.”

  1. Go to the farmer’s market! – “It’s fun and supportive or your local farmers!”
  2. Recycle! – “Instead of tossing my old clothes, I donate and also buy second-hand to continue the lifecycle of a product.” Also, “kids can look at the products they use every day and switch. Use recycled printer paper, or try natural soaps and shampoos.”
  3. Unplug your gadgets! – “I make sure to unplug any charger or cord from the wall when not in use. They use energy even when they aren’t charging anything!

Checking out a cool new eco-product in the office

Looking into the future

For Sabine, her future holds a lot of positive things. “My dream is to combine my interest in international affairs with my concern for the environment and to be part of an organization that facilitates sustainable sources of energy in developing parts of the world, setting a standard for the rest of the globe to follow.”

You can have an amazing future too! Sabine recalls that one of the coolest moments in someone’s life is when they find their passion or a cause that speaks to them and they run with it!  “A lot of kids will let this opportunity pass by because they don’t think they have any power to make a difference, or think they have their whole life ahead of them to take action.  I’ve learned that if you are really passionate about a cause you will end up making a difference, even if it’s just in your community. Maybe someone will be inspired by your work and you’ll become a catalyst for change! The future really is in our hands!”


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