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Amazing Kids! of the Month – December 2012 – Sarah “Bug” Nelson

Sarah “Bug” Nelson, Amazing Young Baker!
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer


Something scary that many of us go through is losing a loved one. But it makes it less scary to know that our loved ones can spend their last moments in peaceful places like hospice care. But what if we could make our loved ones last few moments on earth extra special?

Sarah “Bug” Nelson is doing just that! She bakes special treats and donates half of the profits to Algoma Residential Community Hospice (ARCH) so that families and patients are comfortable during the patient’s last few days.

Amazing Kids would like to congratulate Sarah on her remarkable contribution! Keep reading to learn more about how Sarah opened her own bakery and how she is contributing to her community.

Sarah “Bugs” Nelson 9-year-old Amazing Kid of the Month.


Sarah Bugs Sweet Treats

At only 9-years-old, Sarah always knew she wanted to be a baker. While on a trip with her family, Sarah tried some sweet treats and was inspired to make her own.  “My mom said, ‘why not start now.‘ ” That’s just what Sarah did!

With the help of her family, she started her own bakery during the summer of 2011. “My mom bought me some molds and away I went,” said Sarah.

Her bakery, “Sarah Bugs Sweet Treats” makes everything from cakes and cupcakes to holiday themed treats and fruit bouquets.

Sarah’s Brownie Blast Pizza.

Sarah’s favorite treats to make are her yummy Brownie Blast Pizza.  “They start out as a brownie and are topped off with M&Ms, Skor, Caramel, Chocolate, and Smarties,” said Sarah.  See more of Sarah’s treats at


Giving back to the community

When Sarah started her baking business, she made the decision to put aside half of the profits to her college fund and half to a special organization. Sarah chose ARCH, a local hospice organization. Hospice is a comfortable and special place where people who know they are very ill can spend their last days without all the scary things that are in a hospital.

Sarah calls ARCH “heavens waiting room” and is glad that she gets to comfort people who are dying. Giving to a hospice organization is even dearer to Sarah’s heart because her brother Kole has passed on. “This is my way of showing him I love him!” Sarah said.

So far, Sarah has made almost $10,000 from her bakery!

Half of all the money Sarah makes is donated to ARCH, a local hospice organization.


Baking her way to many achievements

In September, Sarah had the honor of receiving a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. These medals honor Canada’s Queen for her service and also honor Canadians who have made significant contributions. Sarah is one in 60,000 Canadians to receive this award. Congratulations!

Since opening Sarah Bugs Sweat Treats, Sarah has also met the Mayor of her city! Through all of her experiences, Sarah’s favorites have been baking with her mom. “We share a lot of stories and a lot of time together,” she said.

In her future, Sarah has dreams of going to school to become a baker on her way to opening up her own bakery. With such a positive start, we can’t wait to see where she goes!

You too can live out your dreams just like Sarah! And along the way you may even find a way to help contribute to a local charity that is close to your heart.  Big or small, every sweet morsel will make a difference.


  1. Amazing girl!Keep up the good work

  2. Sandra Lemay /

    May the good Lord send you a special blessing for your tender heart. You make the older generation proud. Keep up the good work and follow your heart. God bless

  3. Amazing story! Amazing girl! Amazing spirit! Keep it up Sarah and MAKE your dreams come true! 🙂