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Amazing Kids! of the Month – January 2012 – Jack Kim

Jack Kim, Amazing Young CEO and Webmaster
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer


Quotes of the Month
“I settled with a non-profit because this allows students in the company priceless experiences while helping others.”

“You can learn about business in a classroom as long as you want, but you’ll never learn as much as when you actually do it in a real company.”

-Jack Kim, 16 year old Amazing Web Master

Jack Kim, Amazing Webmaster

We spend on average 32 hours online every week. What if we could channel all our online browsing into a way to help others? At only 16 years old, Jack Kim has found the solution to that. Benelab, a search engine created by Jack, donates it’s revenue each month to a different charity. How cool is that?

Jack fell into the web development world by chance, and because of his optimistic attitude to keep trying something new, he is now make an enormous contribution to different charities. If you are an aspiring technology wiz or are looking for a great way to start up a charity, Jack’s story is perfect for you!

Jack displaying his latest website design for Benelab!

The Creation of Benelab

Jack always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but he didn’t always know about his passion for web development. It wasn’t until he became enrolled in a web class without even signing up for it that he decided to give it a shot. During the semester, Jack created a search engine that generated 2,500 monthly views. The website also made him a profit o f $100 a month. “I soon learned how to do Internet marketing and became really interesting in websites, especially search engines,” Jack said. Over the course of the year Jack went on to work on more than 20 ideas for new websites.

A list of all Jack’s websites and ideas since 2009. “The experiences from all of these added up and helped me start Benelab.”

Jack created Benesearch with the goal to donate all the money made on the website to charities. His creation went on the back burner until he attended Stanford University’s Education for the Gifted Youth program in business. “I was very inspired and knew right off the bat I would revive the Benesearch idea and make it big scaled,” Jack said.

For Jack, his non-profit company was a win-win! “I like the idea of giving, and I loved the idea of starting a company. It was just what I always wanted to do!” Jack found a start up team of fellow students to work with and finalize the business plan. Now, Jack’s idea has turned into Benelab, a search engine devoted to donating all profits to various charities.

Helping the world, one search engine at a time

Benelab has now expanded to 12 student employees. The companies unique name comes from two different places. “The name Benelab is a mix of the Latin prefix ‘bene’ which means ‘good’ and lab, like a laboratory,” Jack said.

The Benelab team. Only 8/12 members are pictured.

So how does Benelab make money to donate? Advertisers first put advertisments up on the Benelab website. Then every time the website is viewed, the advertisers pay Benelab. You can visit right now and your view will raise money for others!

Right now Jack’s goal is to raise thousands of dollars a month. This money is then donated to charities. Currently, the Benelab team chooses a new charity every month, sets a fundraising goal, and users to the website help reach the goal just by clicking on

Benelab also has a very exciting future ahead. “We are talking to big local non-profit organizations to form partnerships,” Jack said. “We are also going to let our users choose the charity with an online poll system on the website soon.” Right now Benelab is just a web search but in the future Jack plans on launching other free donation products such as an online store and web browser.

By the end of this school year, Jack hopes that Benelab will be able to donate $10,000 to charities. Before he graduates high school, he is aiming big. “Let’s try $100,000!”

Jack representing Benelab in a DECA-sponsored booth at the DECA WRLC 2011 in San Diego!

The online world at Jack’s fingertips

Being the starting force to Benelab has proven to be a tremendous experience for Jack. “It’s a huge leadership role and I’m learning and practicing how to operate a company and how to be a CEO!” Jack has also learned how to communicate with others and has started to make great business connections. After graduating high school, Jack plans on going to Stanford University, and the experience he has received at Benelab will make him a great candidate for the school.

Jack hopes that other kids get inspired to get involved with charities too! “I say go for it! Find what you love to do. There’s always a way to turn that talent into a good cause. In my case, managing a company is fun for me and I found a way to use it to help others.”

Want to make a difference in the world in a matter of seconds?

  1. Peruse Just by viewing the site you will help generate money.
  2. Share the website with your friend’s on other internet sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Make your computer’s homepage. That way, every time you open your internet, you will be making a difference!

Jack’s World

When Jack gets to take a break from the busy life of being a CEO and owner of his non-profit company, he is always thinking of new ideas. “I often just sit and think about stuff for hours!” Jack said.

Before Benelab was created, Jack was an avid soccer player and even played on the select teams! Recently he has also gotten into robotics. “I’ve been on the school robotics team since freshman year and we’ve gone to the world championships both years!”

Jack’s FTC robotics team #4590 after winning state in Idaho. They advanced to the World Championships and finished in eighth place!

Make it a mission to visit Benelab’s site once a day!

Visit or check out Benelab’s Facebook or Twitter pages!