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Amazing Kids! of the Month – July 2013 – Kristen Powers

By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer


Quote of the Month

“You don’t need to wait to ‘grow up’ to take action.”

-Kristen Powers, 19 year old Amazing Teen Activist


Kristen Powers, Amazing Teen Activist

Now in her late teens, Kristen Powers has been inspiring her community since middle school. Kristen is the host of her own radio show, founded a nationally recognized environmental club, and is currently making a documentary on her experience with genetic testing.

Kristen Powers, Amazing Teen Activist of the Month.

Kristen Powers, Amazing Teen Activist.

Kristen Powers is one amazing teen. We can’t wait to introduce her as July’s Amazing Kid of the Month!


Petz Rock

Kristen grew up on a farm with 30 animals, so it is no surprise that she and her family are pet lovers!  Kristen’s father is in the animal welfare sector and her stepmother is the founder of “My dad has taught me the importance of respecting animals in the same kind way I would with humans,” Kristen said. “My passion only grew out of this respect for all walks of life.”

Amazing teen Kristen Powers has been around animals her whole life!

Amazing teen Kristen Powers has been around animals her whole life!

In middle school, her stepmother offered her the position of youth blogger for The website allows families to find the perfect adoptable pet. Soon enough, Kristen was contacted by her current producer asking if she would like to host her own radio show!

Kristen’s radio show is a kids and teens pet show. Since hosting her radio show, Kristen has interviewed many teens that have been involved with animals including teen celebrities such as Skyler Samuels, Tyler James Williams, Caroline Sunshine, and Rachelle Lefevre.

Her favorite part about being the host of Petz Rock is talking with people from all over the country. “It’s always awesome to hear what the new generation is doing to improve the welfare of animals,” Kristen said.


Helping the Environment

Even with her hands tied with caring for her animals and making time for her radio show, Kristen also makes it a priority to help the environment! In middle school she started Green Teen, an environmental club. As she transitioned to high school, Kristen’s club grew into the Green Tiger Campaign, a nationally recognized organization with a famous and successful teen-operated organic garden. “My high school is over sixty years old and has many inefficiencies,” Kristen explained. “I started this club in order to move my school to a more sustainable place.”

Kristen’s work with the Green Tiger Campaign and the environment has awarded her many amazing opportunities! In her sophomore year of high school Kristen won PARADE’s ALL-American High School Service Team Award! Kristen got to fly out to Washington D.C. to accept the award with 13 other youth change makers! Awards were presented by huge names like John King, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and Vice President Joe Biden!

Kristen met Vice President Joe Biden while receiving PARADE’s All-American High School Service Team Award.

Kristen met Vice President Joe Biden while receiving PARADE’s All-American High School Service Team Award.

“When people say our vice president is extremely friendly, it’s true,” she said.

Whatever you are passionate about, Kristen has advice for how you can make a difference in your community! “You don’t need to wait to ‘grow up’ to take action. Start by asking people questions, especially experts in the field you are interested in,” she said. “Then find a venue through which you can start serving. Taking action immediately is always the best way to learn about the issues in your community, as well as the best way to go about solving them.”


Twitch: The Documentary

Currently, Kristen is studying at Stanford University, and her life has not slowed down one bit. “I am making a documentary following my genetic testing for Huntington’s Disease,” Kristen said. The disease is a brain disorder that destroys the patients ability to walk, talk, think, and reason. Kristen lost her mother to Huntington’s Disease in 2011.

Twitch: The Documentary will follow Kristen’s year long journey to get genetically tested for Huntington’s Disease. In addition to her documentary, Kristen decision to get genetically tested has been featured on the CBS Sunday Morning Show, in USA Today, and she has presented a TEDx Talk on the subject.

Kristen presenting a TEDx Teen Talk!

Kristen presenting a TEDx Teen Talk!

Learn more about Kristen’s documentary at