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Amazing Kids! of the Month – March 2012 – Harnoor Gill

Harnoor Gill, Amazing Young Role Model
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM writer


Quote of the Month

“I want to show the youth in the community that they can make a change in what they believe is right for them.”

-Harnoor Gill, Amazing Young Role Model


Amazing Young Role Model

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Harnoor Gill, 13, states that this is his favorite quote. What’s even cooler is that Harnoor IS being the change in the world. At such a young age, Harnoor has contributed to over 1,000 service hours and has been involved in so many different organizations. We are so pleased to name Harnoor as our next Amazing Kid! of the Month. If you want to learn how you can become a role model or how you can make a difference in your community this is the story for you!


Harnoor Gill, 13 year old Amazing Role Model!


You’re Never Too Young To Volunteer!

Harnoor started volunteering before most people have learned to ride a bike! At the age of three, he started selling chocolates for a local charity and participating in green initiatives for his school and community. Even at such a young age, Harnoor embraced his love of volunteering.  “I continued to grow with my passion and dedication to my community while volunteering,” he said. “I also took every single step to help out the people in need.”

Harnoor volunteering on the Trick or Treat for the Masquerade on Main, a Halloween event held in Georgetown, Ontario on October 29, 2011

Over the ten years that Harnoor has been volunteering he has participated in many local and national organizations. “They mostly consist of environmental groups as well as charitable organizations,” Harnoor said. Some of these include Willow Park Ecology Centre, POWER (Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources) Halton, Town of Halton Hills, Halton Hills Public Library, Halton Children’s Aid Society, Volunteer Halton, Halton Region, EcoKids of Earth Day Canada, Its Bollywood dance Studio, and  La Bhangra Dance studio.

Harnoor also uses his artistic talent to serve others. “I play drums and dance hip hop, bhangra, and bollywood to perform for charities.” So far he has used his music and dance talents to volunteer for 50 events in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada and in India.

Harnoor performing an Indian Punjabi dance at an open stage during the 2010 Big DADDY Festival in Georgetown, Ontario.

Harnoor even received a Junior Citizen of the Year Award and the Municipal Award by his community for his outstanding service! “The coolest thing about being recognized in the community is that almost everyone in the whole town knows who you are.” And the reason for that is “because of a great deed you are doing at such a young age—volunteering,” Harnoor said. Being recognized in his community has also helped Harnoor build up self confidence and has pushed him to be more organized.

He was also recently named A Top 15 Under 15 by Canadian Family. The magazine searched nationwide for children under the age of 15 who are working for positive change.


Harnoor’s Dream: No Hungry Children

Recently, Harnoor has become involved in Amazing Kids! Launch my Dream iniative. Harnoor’s dream is helping out with “No Hungry Children.” Harnoor is doing his part to stamp out hunger by writing articles for Amazing Kids! To raise more awareness, Harnoor bought a Launch my Dream iniative T-shirt from “I wore this shirt as many times as I could and on many places to show awareness for this cause,” Harnoor said. “Many people, especially, youth stepped forward and asked about the cause.”


Serving the Environment

In addition to all of the volunteer work and organizations that Harnoor takes part in, he is also is making a difference for the environment by raising awareness on environmental issues, doing hands on work, and by teaching others how to get involved.

“I raise awareness by giving out merchandise related to the environment or by attending conferences about how we are going to make a change about the environment.” Harnoor said. Harnoor also gets physically involved with the environment by pulling weeds or by ripping out invasive species at his local ecology centre, not to mention he puts up posters to raise awareness about the climate change. “Additionally, I write for numerous articles describing my environmental and youth related initiatives,” he explained.

In fact, Harnoor’s favorite organization that he is involved in is Willow Park Ecology Centre (WPEC) and POWER Halton. Both of these organizations have given Harnoor enormous knowledge about how important it is to preserve the environment.

Harnoor holding a baby Kangroo while volunteering for POWER Halton at Georgetown Marketplace Mall.


Fundraising Galore!

Harnoor’s volunteer efforts never cease to amaze us! Last year he started the Jean Green Drive, a charity where he provides gently used jeans to local and international youth. The charity also conveys the message of reuse materials.

“700 jeans were donated to the youth locally and internationally in 2010 and 2011,” Harnoor said. 500 pairs of jeans alone were donated  to children in India on a trip he took in 2010.

Harnoor’s fundraising doesn’t just stop with the Jean Green Drive. He also raised $500 for the Willow Park Ecology Centre and $975 for the Milton Regional Spelling Bee. Harnoor even raised $1000 for Japan earthquake relief by holding a charity show.


Becoming a Role Model

As we grow up we all dream different dreams, but being a role model is something we can all strive to be. “A role model is a person who is looked up to be others as an inspiration,” Harnoor said. Harnoor has done so many positive things for the world that the least we can him is an amazing role model!

Not only has he done numerous volunteer work, but he also is active in advocating for a greener world as well as an active fundraiser. “I believe that listening to people’s opinions and taking initiative of putting them into action are one of the most important rules when it comes to being a role model,” Harnoor said. “It also means you try to co-operate as much as you can with people even if they are your biggest enemy because you never know what situation you might come across within your everyday busy life.”

You can be a role model too! “Teenagers, Tweens and Kids can get involved in their local community and start making a difference that they believe should be changed,” Harnoor explained. “You can join your local Youth group and voice your very own opinions that could be put into action by your community.”


Awards and Honors Harnoor has Received

  • 2011 Volunteer Recognition Award from Town of Halton Hills
  • 2011 Youth Recognition Award from Halton Hills Mayor’s Youth Action Committee
  • 2011 Halton Regional Chair’s Environmental Award
  • 2010 & 2011 Milton Regional Spelling Bee of Canada Intermediate Champion
  • 2011 Public Awareness Award from Halton Children’s Aid Society
  • Honour Roll Awards –  Kindergarten to date
  • Certificate of Recognition for the Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Award, 2011
  • 2010 Municipal Award from Town of Halton Hills
  • Nominated as a CBC Champion of Change among more than 1350 volunteers, November 18, 2010
  • Certificate of Excellence – 820 Chris Hadfield Squadron, Milton ON (Milton Air Cadets) – in recognition of outstanding effort, application and attitude on Tag days, October, 2010
  • Junior Talent Show 2010 winner, Steam Era, September 04, 2010
  • Student of the Year – Senior Kindergarten
  • Numerous awards from Kindergarten to grade 8 for academics, and volunteering at various clubs and for good citizenship.

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