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Amazing Kids! of the Month – March 2013 – Shekhar Kumar

Shekhar Kumar, 16-year-old Leader and Activist
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer


Quote of the Month

“I enjoy the self-satisfaction I get from knowing that my contributions are helpful to my community, and society at large.”

-Shekhar Kumar, 16-year-old Leader and Activist


Shekhar Kumar, Amazing Kid of the Month!

Shekhar Kumar has had nothing short of a monumental life. Shekhar and his family emigrated from India to Canada when he was just 6-years-old. Now, Shekhar is involved in 15 organizations, raises money for multiple causes, and represents millions of students in various Canadian political and educational committees. Last March, Shekhar also founded Shoes to End Poverty (STEP), a youth run organization that collects shoes for their community.

Shekhar Kumar, 16-year-old Leader and Activist.

We are so excited by all the service Shekhar has done for his community! Keep reading to find out more about STEP, Shekhar’s other accomplishments, and how you can get involved to make a difference.


Shoes to End Poverty

Shekhar founded STEP in March 2012 after he volunteered for the Toronto 10K Yonge Annual Marathon. Seeing a diversity of people made Shekhar realize how lucky he was. “There were the extremely wealthy, and then there were homeless people living in abject poverty. “

As Shekhar handed out water to the runners, he saw a man without shoes. “I look at this guy without shoes, and then I look at myself and my friends who just throw out shoes that get a little ripped,” he said. “Most people do not make an attempt to donate, sell, or even try to fix their worn-out shoes.”

Shekhar and his friends who are also part of STEP are working to collect shoes for their community, as well as for children in developing nations. In STEP’s first shoe drive, they collected 101 pairs of shoes!


Shekhar’s Life

In addition to founding and being a key role in STEP, Shekhar leads an active lifestyle. After a full day of school, Shekhar volunteers into the evening and is also a Student Advisor to the Minister of Education. As part of the Student Advisory Council, Shekhar participates in consultations, analyzes the ideas of Ontario students for the purpose of making recommendations for policy makers, and has addressed youth poverty at meetings with the Minister of Education Laurel Broten.

Shekhar with Minister of Education, Laurel Broten.

Shekhar is also the Policy and Research Intern for the Conservative Party of Canada, at Parm Gill’s MP Office. For his internship, Shekhar represents the views of over 15,000 youth. He also assists around the office in the community and created a voter analysis report in preparation for the 2015 election. Shekhar is also helping Mr. Gill in developing Bill C-394, which amends the Criminal Code to make it an offence to recruit, solicit, encourage or invite a person to join a criminal organization.

Shekhar assisting Parm Gill, Member of Parliament for Brampton-Springdale Riding at the 2012 Brampton Board of Trade Santa Claus Parade.

“I chose to get involved with politics and governmental issues because I am fiercely passionate about issues such as discrimination and poverty alleviation,” Shekhar said. In his future, Shekhar would like to not only practice law, but also use his law background to help his community.


Making a Difference!

“It is absolutely vital to make a difference because we are leaders of both today and tomorrow,” Shekhar said. “It is our moral obligation to serve our community to the best of our abilities.”

If you are interested in making a difference or starting an organization, Shekhar has outlined a four-step process below to help you succeed!

  1. THINK. What problems are in your community? What are you passionate about? Is there a certain aspect that impacts your life more than it impacts others? What is your passion?
  2. INVESTIGATE. You’ve figured out what you want to do. Now what? First, try to find existing opportunities. If there aren’t any, create them. Be creative, innovative, and become a social entrepreneur. Use your imagination.
  3. IMPLEMENT. Put your ideas into action.
  4. REFLECT. Think about what you have done. Do you want to continue this? If you have a genuine interest, you will want to continue.


Shekhar’s Resume

  • A member of around 15 non-profit and non-government organizations
  • Does online outreach to more than 900 youth in the community for STEP
  • Represents the voice of 2 million students at Canada’s largest Ministry of Education (Minister’s Student Advisory Council)
  • Educates, involves, and represents over 4.5 million Canadian youth in politics, and has increased online outreached by 3850%
  • Represents over 95,000 youth to the Brampton City Municipality Council/Committee (Brampton Mayor’s Student Youth Council and Team)
  • Collected around $10,000 for various causes and programs
  • Contributed to the collection of 2,234 non-perishable for “Halowe’en for Hunger” or “We End Hunger” movement
  • Represented the views of over 15,000 youth to the Member of Parliament for the Brampton-Springdale (Parm Gill) (Conservative Party of Canada)

Visit Shekhar’s website at

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