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Amazing Kids! of the Month – May 2013 – Yash Kaushik

Yash Kaushik, Amazing Volunteer Worker
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer


Quote of the Month

“A person can only be successful if one is hardworking and practical in life.”

-17 year old Yash Kaushik


Yash Kaushik, Amazing Kid of the Month!

17 year old Yash Kaushik immigrated to Canada from India a little more than a year ago. Already, he is making inspiring strides in volunteer work to improve his community. Yash is a youth ambassador for the Peace Welcome Club, a student leader for MathMe, volunteered at the British Columbia summer games, and volunteered at the Fire Fighters Community Thrift Store.

Yash Kaushik, Amazing Kid of the Month!

Amazing Kids is super impressed by all that Yash does!  Keep reading to find out more about Yash’s volunteer work and how you can get involved with your community.


Yash’s Journey to Canada

Yash was born in Patiala, Punjab, India. After studying in India through Grade 11, Yash and his family made the decision for him to finish his studies in Canada. “It was hard for me to leave my and family and best friends, but it was a new beginning for me with more opportunities,” Yash said.

In early 2012, Yash moved in with his uncle’s family in Canada. Besides moving to Canada for their excellent education program, Yash also liked that their schools took time to apply and practice concepts.

After arriving in Canada Yash admits that he was very home sick. However, his uncle’s family was very supportive and welcoming, which made the transition easier. “They helped me in every way they could,” Yash said. “They treated me like their own son and gave me everything I needed.”

Being in a foreign country, Yash was also not as confident as he would have liked to be. “Volunteering made at various places made me learn how to break out of my comfort zone and be open and talk to a large group of people.”


Yash’s Volunteer Experience

Having only been in Canada for a little over a year, Yash has made great strides to improve his community. He became a student leader at Math4Me, a Canadian based initiative that provides tutors to students to help them succeed. Math4Me also had an initiative to create a successful student society for international students. “This made me interact with various international students and get to know their experiences and troubles,” Yash said. “I would also share my experiences to act as inspiration for future and present international students.

One of Yash’s favorite volunteer experiences was working at the Fire Fighter’s Community Thrift Store for almost 8 months. Yash started the community service to complete service hours for graduation, but enjoyed it so much that he continued to work as long as his studies allowed!

When asked who inspires him, Yash said his parents! “They are hardworking, responsible, and loving people in my life,” he said. “I feel blessed to be born in such a family that cares a lot about me.”

Being so heavily involved in the community, Yash believes that volunteering for the community builds responsibility, hard work, and work experience. It also “makes your confidence level higher,” Yash said.


Peace Welcome Club

Founded by past Amazing Kid of the Month Harnoor Gill, the Peace Welcome Club is a campaign for new youth immigrants to get them involved with their local community. Yash serves as one of the youth ambassadors for the Peace Welome Club. Regardless of age, “This club gives every individual an opportunity to provide help of some sort and get a feeling of self satisfaction,” Yash said.

As a youth ambassador for the Peace Welcome Club, Yash promotes community service and well-being. Being new to Canada, Yash is currently working on making a presence in his community so that he can make people aware of the Peace Welcome Club. “I will try my best to complete this responsibility and promote this organization to a level that I can maintain as high as possible,” he said. Keep up the great work Yash!

For our readers who want to get involved with the community, Yash encourages you to contribute as much as you can. “Apply your hands and gain some experience. A person can only be successful if he is hard working and practical in life.”

The Peace Welcome Club is on Facebook! Visit its page here: