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Amazing Kids! of the Month – November 2011 – Chirag Vedullapalli

Chirag Vedullapalli, Amazing Artist
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer


Quote of the Month

“Be creative and never think you are limited to do anything. The most important rule is to have fun when you are being creative.”

-Chirag Vedullapalli, 10 year old Amazing Artist


Chirag Vedullapalli, Amazing Kid of the Month

Have you ever wanted to help others but weren’t sure how to begin? Then this story is for you!

Starting at an early age Chirag Vedullapalli’s love of art started. Now it has grown into much more. Now 10 years old, Chirag paints for charities! He even has his own program, Creative Children for Charity, where he inspires other kids to do the same. Chirag shows us that we all have talents, and if we work hard, we can use our talents to help others. We could not be any more pleased to announce Chirag Vedullapalli as our November 2011 Amazing Kid! of the Month.

Chirag painting!


An Early Beginning

Chirag’s family cannot remember a time when Chirag was not an artist. “Chirag as a baby loved to play with colors,” his mother Chaitra said. “He would spend hours playing with colors when he was only three years old.” A short time after that a family friend named Lisa, who was an artist, recognized that Chirag had unique skills. Chirag’s family jumped on the opportunity to nurture his art skills.

“When we moved to Seattle at that time we found his teacher, Mrs. Sally, let him explore his vision in a structured class. We could see him maturing as an artist within a few months and we did get a lot of positive feedback from friends and family,” said Chaitra.  When Chirag was seven years old, he became an apprentice for Miska Salemann, an accomplished artist.

Along with Miska Salemann, Chirag also notes Ricco Stephano as being his two favorite mentors. As far as other favorite artists, “Pablo Picasso and Van Gohn are my all time favorites,” said Chirag.

While painting Chirag likes to experiment with different styles and themes to find what his favorites are. Similarities between his paintings include bright colors, animals, and landscapes. “My favorites are rainbow series of animals,” he said.

Chirag’s painting Spying Ostrich


Creative Children For Charity

Since Chirag was young, his parents made the choice to sell his paintings for charity. Not only did his family back this, but friends and community showed support. When Chirag was nine years old he shared with his parents that many of his friends not only thought it was cool what Chirag was doing, but they also had many talents that could be channeled to help others. This blossomed into Creative Children for Charity, or 3C.

Creative Children Charity is a program where kids come together and create works of art and raise money to support other kids. “My goal is for 3C to help hundreds and hundreds of kids to create their masterpiece using paints and canvas. We kids can help charities to raise money to support kids who need help,” Chirag said. The long-term goal is to have 1 million kids participate in events like this. Already Chirag has raised over $3,000 for the Children’s Hospital in Seattle.

As part of 3C, Chirag holds workshops to inspire to others. “We organize the table with real art supplies and give step by step instructions to create their masterpieces,” said Chirag. The workshops normally focus on a theme and runs a few hours. So far, Chirag has done over 10 workshops in the last two years. Workshops have even taken place at a park and in Chirag’s own school!

A Creative Children Charity held at Chirag’s school.


Inspiration to Last a Lifetime

Chirag is not only an inspiration because he uses his gifts and talents to help others, but also because he loves helping others. “I get inspired because I can help kids with my gift,” Chirag said. “I never knew that I could help other kids, but because a lot of people help me by buying my art I am able to help other kids who need the help.”

When Chirag isn’t painting, he enjoys making jewelry, mixed media, and making desserts for family and friends. At the end of the day, however Chirag loves painting. “I feel blessed that I am able to use my gift to help the community in a positive way,” he said.


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