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Amazing Kids! of the Month – October 2013 – Cory Nichols

Cory Nichols, Amazing Young Activist
By Kasey Dallman, AKOM Writer


Quote of the Month

“If you have an idea that you think can make a difference for anyone, just try! There is no idea too small.”
-13-year-old Cory Nichols, Amazing Young Activist

Cory Nichols, 13-year-old Amazing Young Activist

Since August 2012, Cory Nichols created “C the Difference: Cory Cares.” The organization made a goal to raise $1,200 throughout the year, which would allow a $100 donation each month to the local food pantry. Now, only a little more than a year later, Cory has raised over $7,500 and will be able to provide the food pantry with his monthly $100 donations for years to come.

Cory Nichols, 13-year-old Amazing Young Activist.

We are so proud of Cory for all the amazing work he is doing! Keep reading to find out more about C the Difference and how you can get involved with your communities.

C the Difference: Cory Cares

Cory’s whole life changed after he watched the documentary “Hard Times: Lost on Long Island.” The documentary follows four different families over six months as they struggle with unemployment. Cory knew he had to help any way that he could.

What resulted was C the Difference: Cory Cares. The first step of his charity was to advertise. Using his own money, Cory had orange bracelets made. Now, he sells the bracelets for whatever donation people are willing to give. “We’ve gotten donations from $5 to $500,” Cory said. “Every dollar really does help.”

For each donation given, Cory gives out these orange bracelets!

Since founding C the Difference, Cory has gotten the word out through email, social media, and by his own in person solicitations. He has raised upwards of $7,500, and the amount will keep rising! Each month, Cory takes $100, shops for the needed food, donates it to his local food pantry, and then stocks on the shelves. With all the money he has raised, Cory will be able to shop for, donate, and stock the shelves for many years. How amazing!

Cory shopping for food.

For Cory, his work is truly rewarding, and he loves knowing that people less fortunate than him are really benefiting from all the donations. “I was at the food pantry one time when a woman was taking food, and she was grateful for what I was doing. That made me feel great.”

New York State Prudential Spirit of Community Award

Cory’s work has been truly remarkable. This past year he was recognized for C the Difference and was a recipient of the New York State Prudential Spirit of Community Award. Cory was honored when he found out the news, and even more shocked when he found out that he was one of only 102 winners out of the 28,000 applicants. Way to go Cory!

Cory was awarded his Prudential Spirit of Community Award at his school from the Prudential representative.

As a recipient, Cory got to travel to Washington D.C. with the other winners. “We saw sites, did volunteer work, and we got to learn about each others’ projects,” he said. Cory even made many new friends who he believes he will stay in contact with for life. How neat!

You too can make a difference

Outside of C the Difference, Cory is just like you and me. Well almost! He is a working actor, being in his first commercial at the age of four and his first film (Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants 2) at the age of seven. (Keep up the awesome work!)

In addition, Cory is a diehard New York Rangers hockey fan, loves to play hockey himself, and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

There are bright things in Cory’s future. First, he wants to keep doing well in school. “I think school is really important to be successful in life.” In addition, Cory wants to keep C the Difference going through high school. He is currently filing for a nonprofit status! “I am continuing to get donations, and to get younger kids and my peers involved to help out each month.” For Cory’s professional future, he wants to continue acting and work towards becoming a director!

And just as Cory made his charity goals a reality, you too can make a difference! In Cory’s words, “Just try! It feels great to do it, and you feel so great knowing you can help. You’ll be so amazed how many people will help you or want to help you achieve your goals.”

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