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Amazing Kids! of the Month – September 1998 – Futures in Space

Futures in Space is an integrated, themed educational program at Bellflower Middle School. Three very dedicated teachers work together to teach the 8th graders about Space by using science, math, social studies and English. First students learn about past and present life in their city, Bellflower, and then they learn about what it might be like in the future, living on a space station or on Mars.

These amazing kids are also very lucky, because they get to work with real live astronauts on the Mir Space Station and with scientists from Boeing!


Sticker from the Mir Space Station and Nasa Shuttle Mission

Students got to link up to the Mir cosmonauts who were up in space, and conducted their own science experiments on the ground, while the cosmonauts conducted their experiments in space. They also get to take exciting field trips too, such as their field trip to JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) to see theactual Pathfinder practice area and a trip to the IMAX theatre to see a movie about space!

Each month, the teachers pick the “Students of the Month,” one boy and one girl. These hard-working students get to go to lunch with a real scientist from Boeing’s Space Division and their principal and one of their friends. They also got some special gifts, such as a real sticker (shown above) from the Mir Space Station and Nasa Shuttle Mission.

Working in teams, students learn about the habitat of Mars and build their own Mars colony habitat. They also build actual models of space helmets, Mars rovers, a space station and even create their own “constitution” for their Mars colony.

Bellflower Middle School 8th graders show off their “space gear” designs

The students really love working with the scientists and astronauts, and learning about Futures in Space. At the end of the semester, many of the students say they want to become scientists or astronauts, too.

The program was originally created with the help of Ginger Emry and Warrington Parker, of Rockwell International and Rockwell’s Space Division, which is now Boeing’s Space Division.


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